Jan. 21st, 2012

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Hello everyone! My partner and I are heading to Megacon in Orlando in about a month, and I'm attempting to pull off a basic Master cosplay for the event. Given that the icon I've used here is a picture of me from a few years ago, you're probably not surprised to learn that I'm going as Delgado!Master ;).

Now, my dilemma.

I don't have the time or money to procure a suit, so I'm going with his Nehru outfit. The shoes and trousers won't be a problem, but I'm a bit worried about the jacket. If I can't find a Nehru jacket that looks reasonably like what he wears, what would you suggest I try?

Not sure what else to tag this entry with as we don't have a cosplay/costume tag.
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TODAY, at 9 pm GMT/UTC (approximately 3 hours from now), I'll be watching "Curse of the Fatal Death" with whoever wishes to join me!  :-)

We'll be using this link to watch it from.  Follow the instructions as listed here to get to the chat room!  If you have any trouble with anything, I'll be checking this post and in the chat room about an hour beforehand to help as best as I can.

Don't know what your corresponding time zone time is?  Check out this other link.

And for those of you who can't make it/aren't really of the watchalong persuasion but want to be a part of the funtimes, there's an assorted bevy of things you can do to join in!  By replying to this post, you can:
  • Comment about CotFD!
  • Share your love and favorite moments!
  • Make comment fic about CotFD (because we need more)!
  • Make arts about CotFD (because we need more)!
  • Make interpretative dance videos about CotFD!
  • Ponder the existence of life
  • Spam us mercilessly*
*provided that said spam is actually relevant to the topic at hand.  For instance, spamming us with "Dalek bump enhancement technology"** would be perfectly suitable.  Spamming us with "Free college degrees at Hickville, USA" probably is not.

**You get bonus points if you actually do this.


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