Apr. 5th, 2012

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100 words, all ages, not mine. A missing scene from "Castrovalva."

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Sooo...some of you may have seen me waltzing into the birthday and weekly drabble/sketch challenges and waving around a little something I like to call the Epic Pairing Table of Doctor Who Fandom, bemoaning the sad lack of Eleven/Academy-Master or Handy/Shalka-Master.

Well, it's been a work in progress for a while, chipping away every now and then, but at last, I can bring to this comm the very newest, updated version with every Doctor/Master combination I could find!  And, since I doubt that Ian/Barbara and Inquisitor/Maxil are Relevant to Our Interests, I have whittled it down to a Doctor/Master cut, specially for this comm!  (Well, and Doctor/Doctor and Master/Master, out of laziness coding necessity.)

As you can see, there's still a few boxes left empty.  Do any of them cry out to anyone on this comm?  Is anyone staring in disbelief at that Seven/Goosnake-Master box and thinking "how can this still be unticked?"  Has anyone just been struck by how Four/War Chief could work beautifully in a werewolf AU?  Has anyone already written that Valeyard/Roberts-Master, and have just been looking for the excuse to put it somewhere?  Come forth!

Go on - let's see if we can fill this thing! :D

(Usual disclaimer applies for the links on the table - many of them are just fanworks I know of the existence of, so I'm not sure what's behind some of them and they may be NSFW.  Click at your own risk!)

(Also, I gather something similar has been done before on here?  I'm not intending to steal the thunder from that or anything, if it's still going - this is just a specific part of a bigger, all-characters-inclusive thing that I thought would interest this comm.  Mods, if it's not cool with you, I'll take it down and go back to sitting on my street corner waving it around and shouting popping in with prompts and recs in birthday challenges.)


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