Apr. 17th, 2012

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100 words, all ages, not mine. Trapped in a cave, huddling for warmth.

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Am writing two stories, a Shalka fic and a Cheetah fic (well, actually it's going to be more of a cat!fic. For reasons). Don't need Brit-picking as am a Brit (btw always glad to offer if somebody else needs that). Am crap with plots/plot-holes/sometimes making sense. Have some familiarity with canon (and am using Lovefilm DVD library to catch up). Much better at actually writing prose, porn, comedy, or dialogue than thinking of plot stuff or making stuff perfectly canonical (because there are so many damn hours of Who canon for my eyes to catch up with). I love NuWho to watch, and I can see the pairing pretty-well written in, but it's too emo-loony-scruffy for me (prefer old-skool urbane-and-bearded type of the Master, or at least Ainley's less scenery-chewing bits).

My normal beta-reader is suffering from RSI so not much up to typing, and struggling at work, so suspect it may make sense to try here (also know she has some familiarity with Who canon, but not how much).

Prefer to write or read convincing-fluff, comedy, and sex-as-characterisation to darkfic (sometimes I read it, cautiously, but it's not my thing) or Any-Two-Guys PWPs.

If (particularly) XLos, Memory Dragon, Neveralarch or anyone else on here whose fiction I already know have got the time, it would be appreciated. (I'm sure there must be others: surprisingly while while diving headfirst into a new fandom I don't seem to have found much stuff recced or posted here that just doesn't convince me, although that might also be because this is the sort of fandom that can take a wide variety of characterisation of the 'same' charactersI).

Have a couple of scenes written of my cat!fic that (AFAIK) turned out OK and could do with someone glancing over them before I write any further.


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