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I am owning up to an anon meme fill, so I thought I'd crosspost here:

The Most Secret Diary
Rating: adult
(sex, some very minor violence.)
Characters: Three/Delgado!Master and Jo/Delgado!Master, Sergeant Benton
Wordcount: 3,300ish
Summary: From a prompt: The Doctor finds Jo's very secret diary in which she's written at length about how attractive she finds the Master. The Doctor tries to prevent any sort of romantic entanglements, and some threatening aliens get involved.
A/N: originally posted here for a prompt on the anonmeme.

fake cut to my journal )

I often don't crosspost anonmeme fills from my journal, since I figure people on b_e have probably already seen the fics. But if you're interested in the better formatted/edited versions, all of my anonmeme fics are under this tag on my journal.

Also! I have finally gathered all of my drabbles and comment fic from the various posts here, so those are also around if you're interested: here on teaspoon, or here on the AO3.
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Hey comm, I know we sort of have reccing on a hiatus, but I just had to make sure all of you saw this, especially since we've had a CotFD!Master drabble challenge and a watchalong only a short while ago.  Some glorious anonymous person filled out this prompt in the anonmeme, and the response is just too PERFECT for words:

Ten/Simm!Master, while traveling together the Doctor and Master meet versions of themselves from an alternate universe- namely Lumely!Doctor and Pryce!Master. While neither is pleased by their counterparts romantic relationship (all lies), the Doctor is strangely excited by the idea of a buxom blonde female him running around out there somewhere.

Link to the response is here, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (seriously, I've read it five times now; it's that awesome).

Hail, mighty anonmeme, and all of its hidden wonders!
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So you may have noticed a recent deluge of spam (It's currently both my truest friend and biggest fan--it comments on EVERYTHING. Russianspam cares, guys). The Anon Meme has not been spared its attentions. One bold response rose up to meet the Weirdest Spam (which must by all rights be regarded as its King (I'd say Queen, but no woman has ever been as annoyingly and persistently interested in viagra as Das Spam)).

"You're goal is the capture as many villains as possible before they destroy the entire town of New York. Will it cover me to be flown home if required? Do I have to be reimbursed and pay up front for medical expenses?Am I still covered if I am over 65?Is my family covered under the same card? Not only is she a treasure hunter, this Australian badass is equally comfortable in a gunfight or a fistfight, whatever the occasion demands. [URL= ]deflagration[/URL] It will squeeze out any excess water, leaving you with a perfectly shaped log. For those who consider the best console to have the greatest amount of new video games released each month, the Wii would be the obvious choice as it's well known that game developers for this popular console continue to crank out games at a rapid pace.”

This is what resulted from their confrontation, and it is glorious: BEHOLD!! . Well done, responder, for producing the sort of meta-textual experiment I can write a solid thesis about--I mean, the sort of fic we can all celebrate as a triumphant seizing of unlikely, (web)site-specific opportunity. Yes.

Again, thank you, anon, and hail meme!
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Welp, I sent this off to be beta'd and it has been turned into something actually worthwhile, so I am de-anoning with this!

Title: Self-Sabotage
Author: [ profile] _rubber_chicken
Word Count: 10,308 in total
Beta: [info]dragonofmemory
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Characters/Pairings: (Academy Era) Theta/Koschei
Summary:  This is a revised, much-improved response to this prompt: Theta/Koschei. The two are best friends, then Koschei gets jealous after (mistakenly) assuming that Theta has a girlfriend. Because the universe /needs/ more Academy fic. Or it'll like, implode or something.
Notes: I cannot thank Mem enough for beta-ing this for me. It went through....four? five? revisions at the very least. Among other things, she fixed my Theta characterizations, fixed my imagery where it failed, and drastically improved my Koschei motivations. And, inadvertently, reminded me that in the original prompt I had completely forgotten an ENTIRE SECTION. This monster has grown about 2,500 words. It's practically a new response by this point.

Part I
Part II
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I have made things and you will all suffer for it. First things first:

Title: Candlelight and Roses
Pairing: Five/Ainley!Master
Word count: 743
Rating: PG
Prompt: This anon meme prompt: Five is having a terrible day and the Master does something sweet and lovely to cheer him up.
Summary: A rotten week sees a perfect ending.
Warnings: Oh my goodness fluff and romance! Such a surprise! Also, momentary mention of torture.

Title: We Have Come Full Circle
Pairing: Eleven/Cumberbatch!Master (yes, Cumberbatch)
Word count: 291
Rating: PG
Prompt: 'Children' for the one hundredth drabble challenge. There are prompts awaiting you there! Go fill!
Summary: The Doctor and the Master discuss their children.
Warnings: Allusions to death.

On to the podfic:

For [ profile] doctor_caduceus's 'Lucid Dying' - mp3, 10:26, at megaupload

For my historical challenge entry 'Ainley of Shalott' - mp3, 8:36, at megaupload

For the above 'Candlelight and Roses' - mp3, 5:13, at megaupload

These podfics were recorded for the current round at [ profile] podtor_who, in which I heartily encourage all of you to participate!
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New Responses:New Prompts under the cut )
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Hi everyone! I bring crack. I bring anon meme response crack! It's about time I started gifting back to this community. ♥

Title: Bugs Bunny Tactics
Author: [ profile] _rubber_chicken
Word Count: 2543
Beta: [info]narwhale_callin
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Three/Delgado!Master
Warnings: CRACK. Specifically Looney Tunes Crossdressing Crack.
Prompt: Response to this anon meme prompt: In the old Looney Tunes cartoons, it was a common tactic for the character running away to cross-dress and seduce the character chasing them [...] I want to see one of them about to be caught, a quick change, and let the cross-dressing seduction commence.
Summary: In which the Master resorts to desperate measures in order to escape from UNIT, and gets a bit more than he anticipated.
Notes: This is the crackiest thing I have ever written you guys. And I have no shame. I regret NOTHING. Also, a huge thank you to Nar. She saved my Three characterization and made me cut out about a page of unnecessary chase scene at the beginning, among other things. It was somewhat painful, but so good. ♥

In retrospect, perhaps poisoning Britain's tea had not been a wise choice after all.
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Title: The Prerogative to Have a Little Fun
Wordcount: 1700
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Five/Kassia!Master
Contains: HET SEX (Holy moley, Batman. Surely not)(yes)
Summary: In which the Master feels like a woman, and then they done sex. (Please do not look for plot here). Written for the B_E anon meme prompt: In "Keeper of Traken," instead of taking over Tremas's body the Master steals Kassia's.

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Title: Please
Pairing: Eleventh Doctor/Unspecified Master
Rating/Warnings: High PG. Slavery, non-sexual nonconsensual bondage.
Summary: Deanon from [ profile] eleventy_kink because I made a mistake and wanted to edit it. Prompt: On a planet where slavery is legal, the Doctor is 'absolutely shocked when, at one of the market booths, he sees the Master, a psychic collar (which is why the Doctor didn't know he was alive) around his neck and completely submissive.' Full prompt (and unedited fill) here.

Everything about this is wrong. )
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Hey guys! So the anon meme is apparently Acting Weird for Undiscernible Reasons when people are logged out -- inconsistent comment counts, replies not showing up, etc. It only seems to be an issue if you're logged out, so remember that you can still reply as anon when you're logged in by clicking on the "More Options" button in the reply box! If more weirdness starts happening, though, let me know.

New Responses

New Prompts behind the cut )
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New Responses:
New Prompts:
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Hey! Normally I don't post my edited anonmeme fills to this comm, because I feel like you've already seen them once and you don't need to be bothered with my tiny edits when I finally repost the fics to my journal. But this one, the editing process was more extensive and the fic in general is a lot longer than my usual, so.

Operator, Operator
Rating: adult
(swearing, explicit phone sex, all of the lots of different kinks. Let me know if you need specifics.)
Characters: Simm!Master/One through Nine. Some other pairings mentioned.
Wordcount: 6,100ish
Summary: The Master works as a phone sex operator in order to kick-start his political career. That's it, really.
A/N: originally posted here for a prompt on the anonmeme.

(fake cut to the fic at my journal)

Incidentally, if you're interested in the edited and better formatted versions of my other fifteen anonmeme fills, they're all under this tag at my journal.
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Title: Lead and Follow
By: Memory Dragon
Characters: Third Doctor/Delgado Master, Eighth Doctor, OC
Warnings:  Lots of dancing and the Master's dignity takes a bit of a beating, but it's all in good fun.
Original Prompt: Three, Five, Eight or Eleven  Ballroom dancing.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] best_enemies anon meme.  Sadly, it's not actual ballroom dancing.  This is far more social dancing than ballroom, since it's West Coast Swing, but I'm a Westie more than a ballroom dancer.  Also, it's more of the Master learning West Coast than the Doctor dancing (though most of the fic is leading up to their big dance), but the Master had A Plot and who was I to argue with that?

There is an OC featured rather heavily in this fic.  This is largely because the Master kept insisting he needed a pretty, young thing to make the Doctor jealous with.  Hopefully, you'll enjoy her half as much as I enjoyed not having to keep a character from sounding like a valley girl.  XD 

Also, a note about West Coast Swing:  This is not the swing dance you're probably thinking of.  When you watch movies like Grease, you're seeing Jitterbug and East Coast Swing, which is a completely different dance.  West Coast is a lot smoother and done to more jazz and pop music.  It's also sexier.  <3

Hope you enjoy it!
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New Responses:
New Prompts:
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Title: Science and Observation (and Things)
Author: HereThereBeFic
Pairings: Delgado!Master/Eleven, Ainley!Master/Eleven, Simm!Master/Eleven, Eleven/Eleven.
Summary: For the prompt - "Eleventh Doctor/Ganger!Doctor in the form of/roleplaying a Master. Bonus points for Eleven getting all teary over Simm's sacrifice last time he saw him."
Notes: De-anoning from the kink meme. (Er. That's allowed, right?) I also made some simple adjustments and added one line near the end, I think. Constructive criticism is welcome - this is far outside my usual fic comfort zone.
Rating: NC-17 for implied Things.

"Now then, Doctor," said the Doctor, straightening up and rubbing his hands together. )
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Sorry for the recent lack of update posts -- this'll be a mega-long one. Please let me know if I've missed anything!

New Responses:New Prompts:
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* The end of the Marco... (I am waiting for you to finish, guys) watchalong will be TONIGHT at 8PM BST, as decided by le Poll-o . BE THERE OR NEVER SEE ONE SAVE HIS OWN ASS BY WHINGING ABOUT GOUT!! (I hear it is quite a sight to see.)
* SIXABRATION!!!! Get so excited.
* Recently we've had some kinda dubious anon meme posts. The prompts in question are fine; some prompts are responses to others, and you're allowed to have opinions. But exercise best judgement/play well with others. Don't diss other people's prompts when you make yours. You may be anon, but this ain't who_anon. Not everything's gonna be your cuppa. It would be nice if we could avoid  'your choices are invalid, this character is this way' in the future.
BUT: prompts are good things to get, and thanks for all the prompts and all the responses recently. Some of them are not my cuppa, but that is cool--there are enough cuppas to go around, and I have come to terms with Cumberbatch!Master and will no longer make sulky anon meme posts about the meme (METAMEME!!). #campaignpromise #leadingbyexample #beinglessofatool
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Twenty-five new meme responses, you guys. TWENTY-FIVE. Take a look:

New Responses:
And if that's not enough, check out all these new prompts.

New Prompts:

(* I should point out: feel free to crosspost your Doctor/Master responses from [ profile] sizeofthatthing in the manner of this one.)

That is a pretty amazing two weeks' worth of new responses and prompts. Give it up for all the anons writing, prompting, and commenting. Not long now until the meme breaks 2000 comments...

(The Index Post has been updated with all the goodness that the meme has to offer, and there's always the Unfilled Prompts Post if you want to help us get even further to 2000 comments...)
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Prey of the Cheetahs
Rating: PG-13
(violence, mild swearing, sexual themes)
Characters: Three/Delgado!Master, Jo, Liz, the Brigadier, Benton
Wordcount: 5,800ish
Summary: There are strange things happening at Cambridge, and they seem to be connected with the appearance of a black cat...
A/N: Written for this prompt on the anonmeme - basically, this is Survival by way of the Third Doctor. Takes place sometime between The Mind of Evil and The Claws of Axos, probably.

(Fic is here at my journal)

Incidentally, I've been very slowly unanoning previous stuff that I've written for the anonmeme here. I haven't been posting links here because it's the same fics you've all probably already seen, but if you're interested you can find all eleven and counting of them under my unanoning mission tag.
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The Anonmemeabration was to have ended the 22nd, but I'd like to extend that to the 30th for a few reasons:

1. I'd forgotten about the double-birthday and its challenge, and didn't know about the distracting sad Sladen news. I think people's attention was captured by both, and as such the Anonmemeabration hasn't quite gotten its fair shot yet.

2. I fear perhaps people haven't written quite enough fic yet to satisfy the horrific beast which lurks within the meme. Better safe than sorry. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!

People sure have prompted, however, to the extent where perhaps it's time to talk about Top-Heavy Memes And You. The Anonmemeabration is, of course, a very good time to get prompts out there, but as with Sizeofthatthing, the number of prompts is now perhaps too much in excess of the amount of fic being written. Over-dosing on prompts makes the meme difficult to navigate and burries old prompts too quickly.

* I'm not saying don't prompt, or that you MUST fill in order to request, just--think hard about whether you can give back in the form of quick responses to languishing old unfilled prompts. Also consider doubled-up responses (these are always appreciated, there is NO NEED for a one prompt-one fill ratio), sketch responses, and comments on responses. Rather than simply asking what your Community can do for you, please try and give as good as you get. <3 You'd be surprised at how easy writing a meme response can be, and no one--ESPECIALLY no one whose prompt has gone unanswered for aeons--is going to get judgy. The Anon Meme is the *ideal* place for shy or budding writers to flex their muscles.

* Also: I review the prompts as they get added just to check that no one's asking for C'rizz masturbating into a jar of peanut butter (actually Frobisher) again (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE--THAT WAS OFF TOPIC, AND JUST GROSS, BUTTERLUVER09. (Man, now I almost wish that had actually happened)), and I'm seeing a lot of near-repeats of late. Please take a second to check the current page and/or the one before, or the filled/unfilled list(s), and see if you're not the sixteenth person asking for a prompt that's already been written (in which case, go read the fic!) or that no one wanted to write the first three times? There's no inflexible rule here re: Similar Prompts, you CAN just ask for something again if you'd like more of it, I suppose, but if the other responses didn't satisfy you, try and think about why and write your prompt differently enough to provoke the different fic you'd like to see in the world. If your prompt has basically recently been requested by someone else, give it time. If your prompt was requested a bit ago and no one wanted to write it, consider

1) why, and re-imagining the prompt accordingly, or
2) giving it a go yourself before recapitulating that prompt.

* Also, what we're looking for is not 'sort of maybe D/M, the Doctor is mentioned/lightly thought of/in the room', it's primarily D/M. D/M at heart. That's flexible, but don't take the piss. Police yoselves accordingly. You have the ENTIRETY of Sizeofthatthing for the Only Technically D/M to Not At All D/M spectrum, and it is GREAT for Other Things. If you want Other Things, or Mostly Other Things, it is THE place to go. This is the b_e meme, it does D/M things.




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