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A weekly prompt submission, here, but it's both late enough and long enough that I decided it merited its own post.  Hopefully no one minds. :)

Title: Contact, 1962
Characters: Eleven, Charles Xavier
Length: ~2000 words
Rating: T, I suppose, for a bit of language, vaguely implied sexings, and Charles struggling with his new disability.
Summary: Eleven takes a moment of his farewell tour to give Charles some advice on dealing with the evil ex.

Find it at http://shalkalaka.livejournal.com/4400.html

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LO, for many moons you have gone unchallenged! In vain you have wandered these internets, sighing despondently, wondering if there would ever come an opportunity to produce fanworks worthy of your MIGHTY SKILL!! But hark, what is this on the horizon? What rises, sun-dappled, gleaming with either the morning dew or the sweet, hopeful tears of all those who would partake of your glorious fanworks? I see it! It is no mirage! It is the:


Verily, even so.

Having culled your challenge ideas into a neat list (thanks prompters!) and given it a ponder, I'd like to do this first (and most of the others as well, in time).

Starts: NOW
Ends: the 19th of October
What we want: fanfic, fanart, or anything else your little heart yearns to produce, provided it is either set in or in some other way heavily features a historical time period (which implies Earth, but you know, make a compelling argument for Ancient Gallifrey fic based on the Rassilonate vampire wars or something and I'll totally come with).

For a show about time-travel, we just don't have enough costume kink and use of historically accurate dodgy sex toys. Have you SEEN what the Imperial Court of Meiji Japan got up to? If you haven't, they made some perhaps overly informative woodcuts to share. If you have, why didn't you write a fic about it? They didn't make those embarrassingly graphic woodcuts for their own amusement, you know. Well. Maybe they did. Anyway.

Canon gives us PLENTY of scope here--for example, if you haven't listened to the Five Thomas Brewster audio, there's another UNIT-style period in which Five gets trapped in Victorian London and poses as a gentleman scientist and has to grown a beard in order to be taken Super Srsly by the other scientists. Don't we know what happens when the Doctor is stranded on Earth for more than ten minutes? Where's THAT fic?

You can of course always write Master Interferes with X Event, because hell, King's Demons shows us this is like, His Weekend Plan. Multiple fills of all shapes and sizes treasured! Or just romps--think of the sheer joy that is Seasons of Fear!

Also, think outside the box on this one, too. This is the perfect opportunity for:

* documentation fic/art (fic/art that uses fic-writer created documents: letters, listserv, legal, academic, etc.),
* Doctor/Master parodies of famous historical poetry, novels, paintings (!! - DO WANT) and so on,
* historical piratical adventures,
* fic/art that uses our awesome historical and historian companions (Evelyn forevaaaaaa (also Jamie says hi--well, we think, his accent was REALLY thick, it was difficult to tell)),
* fic PARTLY set in a historcial period,
* fic ABOUT history as such (Lookin' at you, Omega. I see you there, shakin' that pomo interrogation of stable historical meaning--daaaaayamn.),

and other creative means of meeting the prompt. We may be doing elements of the above suggestions as challenges in their own right at some point, but for the moment, perhaps consider them in this capacity?

A jolly chronoliday to you all!
X (aha that is like a pun...) (also do you know that now that I have a Masters you could LITERALLY CALL ME THAT? I don't think you should, that'd be really pretetious, I am just THRILLLLLLLLED it is a *possibility*. Thrilled to my nerdy, nerdy core. Sometimes one wonders if this is how this sort of thing starts. #themasterhasanunemployablehumanitiespostgraddegreetooinmymiiiiiiiind)
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Hey all,

Due to low turn-outs, we're going to rest the official Watchalongs for a while and refocus our comm's attention on a series of fic and art challenges. The first of these should be up tomorrow, ooooh. You can still use the chat rooms, and/or post on b_e to propose Watchalongs in an individual capacity* and alert anyone interested in joining you. You can, of course, also propose any Watchalong or chat related suggestions to the mod team at [livejournal.com profile] b_emods, i.e. 'Hey, let's all do THIS at THIS TIME,' etc.

Thanks, and we'll have Challenge Info out to you soon!

* Of Who or anything decently related, and I play loose with my definition of 'decently related'. Forgiveness is easier than permission. Just use your discretion, post what you like, and I'll talk to you if it's not kosher.
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Of late I've received two very interesting Challenge ideas from comm members, and so I thought I'd open up a broader discussion. Anyone have anything they'd like to see/do as a Challenge? Things other comms are doing that you liked, fresh meat, a thing we've already done that you'd like to see again? Do not be shy! The worst you can do is suggest the Crispy!Master-Covered-in-Puddingathon, and even then I'll just pass over it in polite, respectful silence.
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I present a rather late entry to last week's prompt of fairy tale/epistolary.

Title: Cupid and Psyche
Author: Psi Fi
Summary: A retelling of the Greek myth Cupid and Psyche. The Doctor is seduced by a mysterious lover.
Pairing: Doctor/??
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic sex with mild consent issues, unbetaed

Story )
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Title: Letters
Author: [info]british_demon 
Word Count: 1576 words
Pairing: Multi-Era: Theta/Koschei, Three/Delgado!Master, Five/Ainley!Master, Ten/Simm!Master
Rating: K/PG
Warning: Wibbley
Summary: The Master heard writing letters was romantic, it's all the Doctor has left.
A/N: Sorry I've been gone like anyone cares, stuff is late, blame [info]tula_peiwa This is not her birthday present, but she is the reason I'm a bit late so, there you are XP. Um, this one was buzzing around my head for awhile. It's technically for the 100 Prompt Challenge, but at 1576 words it's a BIT longer than a standard drabble. Oh well.  "Blue & White" - Beth Waters

"I pour over what you wrote, and the... letters burn the page. I see all the things you meant to me, and the... things you didn't see!" - Beth Waters

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50 cent? Anyone? *cricket chirp*

Erin: Hey, I forgot b_e's two-year birthday on February 27th--verily, on that day in 2008, we were founded. Should we do something celebratory to mark it? Any suggestions?

Blackletter: Birthday prompt! Doctor and/or Master celebrating birthdays. Fretting about being too old/too young. Or lying about their age and trying to pretend that birthdays haven't happened for the last 300 years. Or them having special "landmark" birthdays (whatever those are for Time Lords--turning 500? 1000?)

How about it, team?

Casual 'drabble/ficlet/links/art in the comments below' challenge! Show your com love as it enters its terrible two/use this as a cheap excuse to create stuff and love on it!
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Our new challenge is based on the community watchalongs. We're soliciting things based off of anything and everything we're featured in a Battle this month. So far, your challenge is to create something inspired by/related to the Claws of Axos and Planet of Fire.

This could be:

* missing scenes,
* episode codas,
* episode-launching-off AUs,
* etc.

Your submission can be short, long, or art of some form--the challenge is mixed media. To avoid undermining the Battle Royale, however, I don't want to tell everyone what we're battling/watching for the entirety of the month at the month's beginning. So while you know Claws of Axos and Planet of Fire are eligible, they'll be joined by two yet-to-be-revealed episodes. Normally you'll have your entries in in a month's time, but as we're starting late we'll have to have them by April 1st. LIKE QUEEN AND DAVID BOWIE, YOU ARE UNDER PRESSURE!! While this will normally give you less time to work with the last two episodes, sometimes things created under pressure can be even more awesome!
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HEAR YE: the Audio Challenge's deadline is extended. Have your stuff in by the END of February! Please.
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The End of Time is upon us!
But there is still plenty of time to give gifts, if you're a Timelord. I hear they can go back and forth in time and all that timey-wimey stuff.

Doctor and Master Gift Exchange!

So, how are the Doctor and the Master celebrating this year? Will the Doctor convince the Master to play along with human holidays? Will the Master give the Doctor any presents (besides himself...s)?

- I think it goes without saying... the more crack/cheese/etc the better.
- Secular or Non-secular! (I thought imagining that the Doctor told the sheperds about Jesus was cracky, but then Rusty outdoes me with that stained glass)
- Have a go at whatever medium interests you - icons, drawings, manips etc - this challenge is a free-for-all.
- Everything should be in by January 21st!

Don't forget to use the tag so your art is easier to find.
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A big chunk of break stretches out before many of you, and I want to take advantage of it like it's Tess Durbeyfield and, by a tragic trick of fate, we share an ancestral surname. So let the audio challenge begin! From now until the first of February, let us produce Doctor/Master fic/art that makes use of scenarios, places, characters, inspiration, canon, characterization, conceits, whatever from the BFA universe.

* Check out this helpful audio resource.

* You can go freestyle, as suggested above, or let yourself be guided by the prompts offered below.

* If one (or more than one) of the suggestions below strikes a cord, you can claim and fulfill it, making someone a very happy prompter. That's not to say that more than one person can't fill the same prompt--I welcome that!--I'd just like to give people some idea of what's getting written, so that they can consider filling one of the prompts still in need of attention.

* Feel free to suggest more prompts in the comments! I'll add them to the Prompts List.


Prompts )
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Until the end of November, we do declare the Ten/Simm!Master Challenge!

Eventually, we had to get here. It's how a great many of you entered the pairing, after all!


* The table challenge is officially complete, BUT no reason not to meander through the rest of the prompts! [livejournal.com profile] gritsinmisery is making special belated goodies for those of you who want to finish in your own good time and receive our just acclaim/something shiny for it.

* We've not loved on our anon meme for a good long while! Feel free to prompt, to answer the prompts that have tricked in during the time-out, to attend to any of the old prompts! Not that you couldn't do this before, but you know, now I'm enjoining.



#28 Grease

Jul. 16th, 2008 06:33 pm
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This is shamefully unbetaed. Point out any mistakes you spot!

Title: touched your perfect body (with his mind)
Rating: R
Pairing: Five/Ainley!Master
Length: 1571 words
Prompt: # 28 Grease
Summary: Doing good pays off for the Master. Angst levels at a minimum.

28 - Grease
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June Challenge: Three/Delgado!Master
Due first Sunday of July!

Given that we're still in the land of Confusing Old Skool, his month brings with it yet another breakdown/shippers manifesto for your convenience!

Fewer people have seen these episodes, so the summaries are more comprehensive. Am I hoping you'll be intrigued and go watch them yourself? No. No I wrote all this for my personal amusement. ...Go watch the damn episodes already. ;p

Plus since this runs long, I can just pillage it for the ship_manifesto. Multitasking! Woot!

If you have other highlights/observations re: the pairing, please do tell in comments!

Three Era: Terror of the AutonsThe Mind of EvilThe Claws of AxosColony in SpaceThe DæmonsThe Sea DevilsThe Time MonsterFrontier in Space

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Look at how much *stuff* we made! And the variety of stuff! Doesn't it just make you gleeful?! Oh little com, bravo!

As usual, do comment and let me know if I've missed anything/you'd like to turn in something after just now--I'd be delighted to include it!

Intro-post and Ship Manifesto

You Look Fabulous, Darling! by [personal profile] evilawyer 
Ripe for the Taking by [personal profile] yo_mawari
and  The Consequences of Cooperation by [personal profile] yo_mawari
Bargain by [personal profile] bagheera_san 
Mercy by [personal profile] bagheera_san 
What Rassilon Hath Joined Together... by [personal profile] x_los
Awaiting the sensation of a short sharp shock by [personal profile] aralias

You Will Be The Death Of Me by [profile] pocketedwocket

The Cosmos Belongs To Us by [profile] redvelvetaddict
Pink + Tiny Bows + Spanking by [profile] redvelvetaddict
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Discussion Time, Anon Meme Update, Shipper's Manifesto and New Monthly Challenge* in ONE!

*Due to how I am a lazy slacker who only got this up today, the due date for this one is June 5 rather than June 1 as it would normally be.

May Challenge: Five/Ainley!Master

This will be our first forray into classic Who for a challenge. I'm aware that not everyone's watched all of that, but as we have either the uploaded  relevant files or links to  all the episodes on the page you'll find referenced in the Links section, I feel reasonably confident that everyone has access to Five/Ainley!Master goodness.

But Old Skool can be a little intimidating, so here's a breakdown/shippers manifesto for your convenience!

If you have other highlights/observations re: the pairing, please do tell in comments!

Five Era: CastrovalvaTime-FlightThe King's DemonsThe Five DoctorsPlanet of Fire Caves of Androzani*

*Just for a second, and it's all in Five's head, but god, is he ever the nexus of the emotional arc in that one

Anon Meme )

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Okay, so we have three fics. Not exactly a 'number the stars' scenario, but we've been v. busy with our porn meme and some of us have finals, so wtf ever, right?

Do comment and let me know if I've missed anything/you'd like to turn in something after just now--I'd be delighted to include it!


But the battle is lost by [personal profile] bagheera_san
1913: A Must-Visit for Masters by [personal profile] x_los
The Pleasure of Fear by [personal profile] yo_mawari*

slightly late, but still awesome:

The Man In Black by [personal profile] aralias
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When will my Mamet Untouchables subject line joke die? Never. Probably about two challenges from now when I stop finding it funny.

EDIT: Pfft, how did no one catch the typo in the subject line? Were y'all just too polite to mention how I can't spell teh purty wurdz?

List of Entries for Academy Relationship Challenge:


I Promise
by [profile] ssauei_ssui
Fourteen by [personal profile] x_los 
Dancing Lesson by [personal profile] gritsinmisery 
Untitled by [profile] evil_lawyer 
Heart Heard of, Ghost Guessed by [personal profile] x_los 
A WIP from [personal profile] iyoku 


Character Designs by [profile] gothic_hamlet 

And for this month:

Jacobi!Master* or Professor Yana/Doctor of your choice
April 30

Those of you who don't fancy prompts, go nuts! Those of you who want a little more direction, try something from the list below:

Retrograde Motion
Cassandra Effect

*Not including Shalka!Master though: We'll have a specifically Shalka challenge soon, but I kind of want to pimp it first and gauge everyone's familiarity with it, and then when we're all on board produce a proper slew of fic. Cool?


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