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Okay, I'd thought about posting this to the kink meme, but the com has been far too quiet lately.  So I figure I'd just post it here and liven things up.  Plus, it amused me.  Note: The video itself is not D/M, but I figured it would entertain.  If the mods wish me to take it down, I shall.  Also, if this has already been seen a million times over, just ignore me.  It was new to me, at any rate.

I will never cross the road without thinking of Three again.  Also, I can see him trolling the Master with this so, so easily.  Stopping the Master before he can cross, and sassing him about not following SPLINK.  And then the poor Master is left trying to figure out what the hell SPLINK is. He misses the light while trying to figure it out. 

So, how do you picture the Master reacting to this?  XD
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Because, comm, I love you all, and I had a terrible, awful idea about how to express this fondness.

Title: Anonymus mimema
Characters, Pairings(?): Theta(One?), Koschei, Theta(One?)/Koschei (preslash?)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 6,217
Summary: In which two perfectly respectable Time Lords go to a disreputable place and meet a disreputable personage. Horrifying crack ensues.
Warnings: Koschei curses like an indignant schoolmarm & so does Theta, tentacles, meta-fiction shenanigans, sudden POV shift, cross-species shenanigans, nagging & snarking, suspiciously Freudian/Jungian imagery, terrible ideas, OOC attacks, all these warnings and it’s still PG…where did I go wrong?
Disclaimer: The BBC owns Doctor Who and all its related characters.

Many thanks to my ever-patient and unshakeable beta, [livejournal.com profile] dragonofmemory!

Dare you go where Time Lords fear to tread? )
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I cannot even deal with the hilarious brilliance of the Project Manager's guide to Classic Who: Castrovalva and War Games. ENJOY. DISCUSS. WRITE MORE OFFICE AUS, OR JUST FIC ABOUT THE MASTER'S TOUGH WORK-LIFE.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tula_peiwa for finding it!
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Not really connected by anything other than being Doctor/Master. Contains spoilers, read at your own risk.


Knock-Down Ginger (reminiscence)

Read more... )

Unspecified Doctor/Unspecified Master

How (Not) to Defeat the Doctor (humor)

Read more... )

Third Doctor/Delgado!Master

The Hearts of Evil

Read more... )

Conjugal Visitation (angst)

Read more... )

Summoning Trouble (CRACK!)

Read more... )

The Flowering of Desire (CRACK!)

Read more... )

Imposing Conditions (humor)

Read more... )

Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master

Six Fatal Words (angst)

Read more... )

Uncomfortable Comfort (hurt/comfort)

Read more... )

Lust of the Time Lords (CRACK!)

Read more... )

Regeneration Frustration (humor)

Read more... )

A Matter of Definition (CRACK!)

Read more... )

The Obvious (CRACK!)

Read more... )

Nothing Binds Like the Panties of Love (CRACK!)

Read more... )

Three's A Crowd (CRACK!)

Read more... )

Even Better Than Chamomile Tea (hurt/comfort>

Read more... )

Never Too Late (fluff)

Read more... )

Unintended (horror)

Read more... )


A Dance As Old As Time (saffic)

Read more... )
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Title: Cowboys & Aliens
Series:Doctor Who
Number of fanarts: 3
Rating: All ages I guess?
Pairing: Slight Eight/Master
Characters: Eight, Master. An extra dose of Three and Two
Summary: Doctor Who/Cowboys & Aliens crossover sketches. It sounded sane when I drew them. I mean, imagine Cowboys & Aliens where the Doctor and the Master are dressed up as cowboys. And they're aliens. Can't someone write me fic about this? It's a fabulous idea that needs to be made into a story.

A portal to my Lj
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Hey comm, I know we sort of have reccing on a hiatus, but I just had to make sure all of you saw this, especially since we've had a CotFD!Master drabble challenge and a watchalong only a short while ago.  Some glorious anonymous person filled out this prompt in the anonmeme, and the response is just too PERFECT for words:

Ten/Simm!Master, while traveling together the Doctor and Master meet versions of themselves from an alternate universe- namely Lumely!Doctor and Pryce!Master. While neither is pleased by their counterparts romantic relationship (all lies), the Doctor is strangely excited by the idea of a buxom blonde female him running around out there somewhere.

Link to the response is here, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (seriously, I've read it five times now; it's that awesome).

Hail, mighty anonmeme, and all of its hidden wonders!
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I was lucky enough, when I obtained my copy of "Curse of Fatal Death", to also obtain a half and hour documentary at the end of it on the making of said...episode.  Being somewhat relevant to our interests - and certainly relevant to this week's drabble/sketch challenge, containing a lovely little discussion from Pryce himself on the evil laugh of the Master - it must be shared with this comm!

So, here it is, uploaded to YouTube in two parts for your pleasure and entertainment.  Enjoy!

Definitely not dial-up friendly... )

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TODAY, at 9 pm GMT/UTC (approximately 3 hours from now), I'll be watching "Curse of the Fatal Death" with whoever wishes to join me!  :-)

We'll be using this link to watch it from.  Follow the instructions as listed here to get to the chat room!  If you have any trouble with anything, I'll be checking this post and in the chat room about an hour beforehand to help as best as I can.

Don't know what your corresponding time zone time is?  Check out this other link.

And for those of you who can't make it/aren't really of the watchalong persuasion but want to be a part of the funtimes, there's an assorted bevy of things you can do to join in!  By replying to this post, you can:
  • Comment about CotFD!
  • Share your love and favorite moments!
  • Make comment fic about CotFD (because we need more)!
  • Make arts about CotFD (because we need more)!
  • Make interpretative dance videos about CotFD!
  • Ponder the existence of life
  • Spam us mercilessly*
*provided that said spam is actually relevant to the topic at hand.  For instance, spamming us with "Dalek bump enhancement technology"** would be perfectly suitable.  Spamming us with "Free college degrees at Hickville, USA" probably is not.

**You get bonus points if you actually do this.
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Title: Peeve Me Once and Peeve Me Twice
Author: Canaan Alexander
Characters/pairings: Eleven, future!Master, River, implied Eleven/River and past Doctor/Master
Chapter Rating: PG
Spoilers/warnings: s6 e13
Series: none
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] yamx. Any remaining mistakes are All My Fault.
Disclaimer: I don't own them and I'm not making any money.
Summary: "If the universe had meant to make the Master a present and gift wrap it, it couldn't have done a better job than the blue police box he staggered into as the space-time rift spat him out." crack!fic

A/N: A triple drabble by MS Word's count, written for [livejournal.com profile] dameruth as a gift for [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking.

Peeve Me Once and Peeve Me Twice
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I just finished watching "The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe." I loved it! It's one of those episodes, where I think, if the Master sat down and watched it, as we do, he would spend the entire time rolling around laughing at the Doctor and completely missing the point...or just not caring either way! :D So, let's have a contest/discussion. Vote for whichever episode from Classic or New Who you think would make the Master laugh the hardest at his best enemy!
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Not quite sure what to call this -- podverse? Podpoetry? (Podcrack?)

I love that we're doing podfic now. (Podfic is cool.) And at first, on reading [livejournal.com profile] aralias's post, I was all, "Yes! I shall podfic-ify something I wrote!" But then I was all, "Crapsticks, everything I hath wrought is full of a.) British dialogue that I cannot possibly reproduce, and/or b.) shameless pr0n."

(Not that you-all shouldn't go forth and commit your marvelous dialogue-heavy anonmeme fills to audio. Because you should. I just....well, anyway. Maybe someday.)

But. BUT. There's this poem, and poems ought to be read out loud anyway, in general.

Enough rambling from me: Here is a ridiculously plummy podcast of this mashup of "Time Crash" and Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" that I did a few months back. Um. Enjoy?

Title: "Time Raven"
Author: [livejournal.com profile] tweedymcgee
Reader: [livejournal.com profile] tweedymcgee
Length: 13 stanzas // 5 minutes 28 seconds
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Five/Ainley, Ten

Links: audio / text
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Title: You Don't Love Me Anymore
Video by: Tulapeiwa
Pairing: all D/M pairings
Length: 3:58
Rating: G
Why this must be watched: This is the very best kind of crack. Hilariously clever way of blending the song's lyrics and the clips. Who knew Weird Al and Doctor Who would go so well together, lol. Brilliant video! I laughed so hard.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcm7bUtFrI4
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Title: Don't Like You
Pairing: Ten/(Simm) Master
Length: 4:10
Summary: Ten and the Master don't like each other. Not at all.
Rating: G
Video by: morebezrybaka (also check out their other awesome Doctor/Master videos!)
Why this must be watched: It's hilarious! The clips chosen and the way the lyrics of the song are used is brilliant. This is crack at its very finest. And it makes you wish that someone really would write a musical about Doctor Who, lol.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECZGubf1C24
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Title: If I Had You
Video by: woolyjumpersandjam
Pairing: Eight/(Roberts) Master
Length: 3:55
Summary: The Eighth Doctor and the Master being silly and in love.
Rating/Warnings: G, crack
Why this must be watched: Hilariously delightful crack video starring the most ridiculous Doctor/Master pairing of them all. Very well-edited, good use of the song (If I Had You by Adam Lambert), and just a whole lot of fun.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TXXo6ShOTQ
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This is a really quick, silly Tensimms video I made based on a series of GIFs I posted on my tumblr. Clips are from “The End of Time (Part 2)” and “The Wedding of River Song” (slight spoilers for both).

Video under the cut )
(or you can view it on YouTube)
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So, since everyone at Adagio is hopped up on caffeine, they ship really fast and I got my package of Crispy!Master-inspired tea today!

Check it out, also my twee little matching kitty teapot and cup and sugar cubes cuz that's how I roll! )

It smells. OH YEAH. It smells rich and wonderful and just the thing to drink while brooding. I haven't gotten the brewing time just how I want it yet, but do not steep this stuff too long. You think the Master gets bitter when he's ignored, try the result of leaving this steeping too long cuz you're watching the Misfits webisode.

So who's gonna come up with some Doctor-themed blends to balance me out? ;)


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