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100 words, all ages, not mine. Trapped in a cave, huddling for warmth.

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Today is the birthday of Peter Davison! Five! IN THE NEXT TWO DAYS: write/art some birthday!fic in the comments, or link to it! RECS, META AND RANDOM COMMENTS ABOUT THE SUBJECT ALSO WELCOME!

Celebrate the existence of:


This attention is making him somewhat uncomfortable, actually. Could you stop? 

This spontaneous funtimes challenge ends aprox. when the 16th of April begins, so don't stress about it: just make us a quick prezzie!

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I finally have something with more content to post... well, link. :D

Artist: [livejournal.com profile] stalkerbunny
Regenerations: Third Doctor & Delgado!Master, First Doctor-Shalka!Nine Doctor and all accompanying Masters, Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master (3).
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own anything.

Link: Does this constitute a picspam?
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100 words, all ages, not mine. A missing scene from "Castrovalva."

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Song: Written in the Stars
Song Artist: Tinie Tempah
Characters/Pairings: The Master. (Delgado, Ainley, Roberts, Goosnake, Jacobi[Yana, not Shalka-verse], Simm.) It's Doctor/Master in that it's about the Master, and therefore involves the Doctor. And the Master. Interacting. As they do. If that isn't enough, let me know and I'll remove this post with a few groveling apologies.

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I would like to recommend this. New Doctor/Master episodes! Performed with action figures! The scripts for these fan films are brilliant. All the characters are written very in character and the episodes feel completely canon. These films are great and so well done that the fact that the "actors" are made out of plastic doesn't make it feel any less real. Go watch these now! (And then go watch all of batmanmarch's other DW action figure adventures!)

Of all the films I’ve watched so far these four include the Master. Enjoy!

The Collective (3/Delgado)

Hell on Earth (5/Ainley)

The Cyber Incursion (3/Delgado)

The Beast of Stockbridge (4/Crispy)
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Title: "Five Docs"
Band: Blinovitch
Length: 4:58
Summary: A rap song summarizing the events of the episode "The Five Doctors."
Rating: PG-13
Why this must be watched: Since 99.9% of all trock is about new Who, I'm always thrilled to find trock songs about classic Who especially when they're as brilliant as this song. The lyrics in this are brilliant and clever and funny and the song is really catchy. I love it! Also, make sure to check out Blinovitch's other trock songs, especially "The Ultimate Foe," his amazing song about the Valeyard.
Excerpt: "So the Master's in the Zone now, and he's packin the council's seal
Tries to help Doc Three but the Three says "Yo man, bet you had to steal"
That from the Council" but the Master said "yo Doc this is legit"
Doc Three and Sarah blow him off "enough of your bullshit"
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLPkpxl4u7E
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Remember that time Five and the Master loomed a bunch of adorable children. I certainly do

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Three pictures (one NSFW) of The Doctor and Master getting up on each other in various
stages of undress and a couple of five making silly faces.

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Title: Ever So Impressive (in his own opinion)
Rating: PG
Pairings/Characters: Five/Ainley
Wordcount: ~340
Contains: mild offscreen violence, I guess
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Summary: [livejournal.com profile] tardiscrashprompted me with this pairing and the phrase 'pillow fight.' It is...really rather cracky.

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Title: Mating Habits
Wordcount: 4671
Rating: Adult
Pairing(s): Cheetah!Five/Cheetah!Master
Beta(s): Janeturenne
Summary: Survival as a Five serial. The Doctor ends up infected with cheetah virus and stranded with the Master.

At Ao3: Here

Or at my journal under the fake cut.

He remembered--vaguely, because remembering much of anything from very far back was all but impossible these days--that things used to be much more complicated. )
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Title: First Steps
Pairing: Gen. Snail, Flabbaduckarusa and Tagalong. Or, in adult-speak: the Doctor, Braxiatel, and the Master.
Length: 21,925
Summary: There's being born, and then there's being born into a world with no adults, no clothes, no food and a terrifying alien Thing upstairs. When their Looms birth them straight into the middle of an emergency, can Our Heroes muddle through?
Warnings: Miscarriage/infant death and severe burns and dehydration in Chapter Three.
Author on LJ (or Teaspoon, or Prydonian): charamei on Dreamwidth, Charamei on AO3
Why this must be read:

This is kid!fic of the highest order. I love so many things about this: the Doctor's first words; Braxiatel getting stuck with a ridiculous name; the Doctor's immediate fondness for screwdrivers; the ridiculous picture the adult Time Lords make sunk into the mud; the epilogue! I love the last line so much. So much of this fic makes me grin until my face hurts, but it's not without angst, as well. And adventures!

The story takes bits of Lungbarrow and other canon, and uses them in a creative and interesting way.  Probably my favorite use of Looms in fanfic, ever. In fact, this fic as a whole seems very creative and fresh to me.

The Doctor, Brax, and the Master possess the essential character traits that make them themselves, but they are also very much young children. Charamei achieves just the right balance of these things, so that they are in character, but also believable as just-loomed Time Tots. I really hope you give this story a read!

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Link to the story: Here

Title: Gallifreyan History 101
Pairing: Gen? (I'm honestly not sure.)
Length: 4:27
Warnings: Silliness.
Musical Artist and Cosplayers: Chameleon Circuit (link to DFTBA and to Itunes) and TARDISparty

Why this must be seen:

This is so much fun! It's a music video done for another Chameleon Circuit song, this time off their first album. The song itself isn't about the Doctor and the Master; I've included this for the video. The video was made by a couple of cosplayers, playing the Fifth Doctor and Ainley!Master. The song provides the setting (a lecture about Gallifreyan history to an Academy class). The video consists of the Doctor and the Master being the sort of students a professor might have nightmares about. There are jellybabies, paper ball throwing fights, note passing, falling asleep on each other, and hat theft!

Link to the video: Here

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I'm sure most everyone is aware of Jam Watson of Hark a Vagrant fame. Well, [livejournal.com profile] janeturenne pointed out in a comment at some point that Five-bot was pretty much Jam Doctor. It came up again when she came to visit and as remixing Hark is very much a thing to do, I made this:

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(if you are left confused, Five-bot is an OC from these fics : http://tardiscrash.livejournal.com/tag/five!bot )


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