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Hello! I heard my fanmix would be welcome here, so here I am? It's Ten/Simm!Master, aided with the musical genius of early-2000's great bad pop. (Well, some great and some bad.) ♥ There's two large images (570x570 px) under the cut, sorry if it loads slowly!

no, you're not supposed to take this seriously. just enjoy the awesomely terrible pop. )

Let me know if there are any problems! Thanks for listening!
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Last week I was at the gym, listening to questionable dance music totally classy tunes on the treadmill, when it struck me that the world needed a Ten/Simm!Master fanmix celebrating Simm!Master's musical preferences.

So I made one.

(I'm sorry, internet. I'm so sorry.)
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With more work than it should have taken and tongue firmly in cheek I give you:

Master Mix

Get it HERE
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Hey, comm, it's Renn! Long time no see!  As a peace offering, I brought free music.

I've gone and made a fanmix. A ridiculous indie kid hipster fanmix, featuring Patrick Wolf, Damien Rice, MGMT, and Laura Marling, among others. Click the cover art to go to my journal and download!

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Well here's something I've never done before. I write Ten/Simm a lot, and I ship (I think) Five/Ainley, but to actually put that tentative ship down in... Musical form is a new one for me. But I had fun! And I'm realising that I really do have a spectacularly soft spot for Peter Davidson's era.

So, I've done something like this before - you can listen to it here - but this is a version of the Shinedown song If You Only Knew remixed to include sound clips of Ainley/Five. If you're not a huge fan of slash, it's only got clips from canon so it's completely worksafe. Kudos if you can tell where I had to actually cut up clips from The Five Doctors to include words/add words, which... Is the most work I have ever done in editing audio before in my life. I'm not quite sure what the story of the song is but it seems to be based on the movie The Five Doctors but with a Master/Doctor scenario concluding instead of RAR RASSILON BOOM. Which if you click on the sound clip is still hilarious - One, Two, Three and Five panicking in unison.


Note: Please comment at the original post here.
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Pairing: Doctor/Master
Length: 1 hour 18 minutes
Warnings: Some swearing
Maker on LJ (or Teaspoon, or Prydonian):[livejournal.com profile] birdsarecalling  

Why this must be listened to:

Fanmixes, in general, have one flaw, and that's that the makers listen to the lyrics, and how they flow from one song to the next, and what sort of story they create, but not whether the actual music flows well from one piece to the next. Our Brightest Minds does not have this problem, not in the least. And, not only do the songs flow into each other as if they were made to, the fanmix in itself has a coherency and general tone that is all too often missing. Another major bonus: there are no songs that I dislike on it, and those I wasn't originally too sure of grew on me as I listened to them in the context of the rest. Naturally, everyone has different musical tastes, but seriously, please, assuming you don't happen to loathe every song/artist on it, listen. The music, the lyrics, the way they all fit together, perfectly match the Doctor/Master relationship, and who knows? It may well inspire you to write; I know it did for me. I've downloaded a great number of fanmixes (almost exclusively D/M), and this is the only one that's truly captured me. For a hint about how much I enjoyed it: I listened to it on repeat on a 7 hour journey to England, and then again back home. I listened to it on repeat on 17 hour journey to France, and then on the return trip. And I still keep hearing new lines or phrases of music that make me go 'Oooh, yes', or wibble, depending. That's the mark of a good album, never mind a good fanmix.


6. Terrible Light - Secret Machines
There was a glorious fire
It gave a terrible light
Flashing in each other's eyes
Was the burning of our designs

Link to the story:

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When I got home from work today I had all sorts of good intentions when it came to working on my challenge fic.

Two hours of procrastination later, I found that I had compressed my fic-writing playlists into a multi-era D/M fanmix.

I regret nothing.

it happens to the better of our brightest minds )
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Hi again, and thank all of you who helped me out with my little project. I finally managed to finish it, so I come bringing it here, too. Imagine, I actually did something instead of just asking questions for once.

Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] endoftheverse, social community for [livejournal.com profile] scifiland.


(Click front cover to download .rar)

Lyrics & Quotes beneath the cut )

† I know most people are used to the Rufus Wainwright version of 'Hallelujah' from Shrek, but after a while you get used to the original and it contains some verses that are almost universally omitted from covers, one of which I quoted in the lyrics section of this post. Just thought I'd make it clear that I do know that Rufus Wainwright has a qualitatively better voice, but there's something sweet about this version.
† 'Feels Like Home', granted, is a bit more upbeat than I really felt the rest of this was, but I still felt that some lines of it still fit very well, and I also think of this song when I think of 'what-if' scenarios where they get the happy-ending I often wish they did.
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This really isn't a fanmix, or at least not really one like what I've ever seen. It's just my youtube playlist for MasterxDoctor (just music, not video). Anyway I thought I might share. I tagged it as 'fanmix' for lack of a better word, but there is no download link or anything.

Music Here )
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Don't let the title mislead you; there isn't a stage production of Who (although that does apparently exist) behind the link.
It's a pseudo-musical, or rather a playlist (because that hasn't been done before). A really long playlist with a narrative structure and at least one D/M song for every era. So yes, it's 'Doctor/Master: The Musical' if musicals were generally overlong barely cohesive melanges taken from a really narrow spectrum of bands.


Come with us now on a musical journey through time and space... )
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Hello all! I'm Amelia, and this is my first post here, after a period of lurking--I was reluctant to join before I had anything to contribute to the community. I was so inspired to fannishness by [livejournal.com profile] allaroughdraft 's delightful Theta/Koschei fanmix, that I wanted to flatter her work in the most sincere form I know: imitation.

You're the Reason is also a Theta/Koschei fanmix, but in a more serious tone, and more a representation of personal canon than general fanon.  Hope you enjoy!

Link to my journal: filia-belialis.livejournal.com/4747.html
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Hello good people! This is my first post or, really, interaction with you all, though I've been lurking about for a good while now. I'm Alex, and I bring with me a fanmix of ridiculousness and gently ribbing the fandom. I shall now copy my notes from the fanmix header, because it decently explains everything without me having to rewrite it.

This is a Fanmix

This mix is the lovechild of that one song or two on your fanmix that seems completely out of place and really shouldn't work except somehow, it absolutely does; and that one song that doesn't quite fit but amuses you far too much or is just close enough that you have to include it, so you throw it in as a bonus track. These songs are not meant to be taken seriously. The purpose was ridiculousness and a very fond ribbing of the fandom. I've been a lurker in the Who fandom for a while now, specifically the Doctor/Master section of it. I love the fandom, I love the ship, and I especially love the Academy fic, but after hanging about for a while, I started to notice certain trends. That's the other half of where this mix comes from, as a bit of a tribute to and adoration of the fannish hivemind/adoption of things they like. It's also the inspiration behind the title -- when looking, it seemed a lot of Theta/Koschei fics get very short, very simple titles that state some major element or theme of the story, or plain descriptive titles. This is the closest I could come to doing that for a fanmix. Wow, these notes are getting long. Theta on the cover is Mathias Lauridsen, Koschei is Gaspard Ulliel. Sneaks up a bit on Doctor/Master at the end.

Link goes to my journal. Twenty-eight songs. All files are .mp3. Read, download, enjoy, and comment if you like it (or hate it, for that matter).

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I have been working a lot on Doctor Who playlists lately, and so I've gathered a lot of songs that remind me of The Doctor and The Master. Here for your downloading enjoyment is a link to the Zip file of a mix I named after the Franz Ferdinand song, "I'm Your Villain":


Sorry there's no album art, but here's a track list:

Track List! )

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Title: Date Night
Author: [livejournal.com profile] batmanboxers [Sarah]
Pairing: Doctor/Master
Rating: PG-13
POV: Third
Word Count: 650
Summary: The Doctor takes the Master out on a date. This does not bode well.
Disclaimer: I am not RTD
Warnings: None. No spoilers.
Author Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] vinylsigns who I love dearly. Happy birthday darling ♥

Maybe you and him should set up a nice little therapy group. Fanciers of the Thick Twig United. You could have a motto. Ooh, and a club house. And uniforms.
& also Push [A Doctor/Master Fanmix]. ♪ ♪ ♪

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Hey there, comm that I stalk obsessively but have yet to contribute too! :D

I felt guilty about not giving any sort of... anything, in exchange for all your nice D/M comm-ness. My art is waaay under-par, and it's been a long time since I wrote a fanfic that didn't make me cringe so much when I beta'd it that I had to delete the thing. So here's a fanmix! For the time being, anyway. :)


Everything you need under this magic link~ )

Anyway, hope you guys like. 8)


Jan. 13th, 2009 07:53 pm
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Here's my first fanmix ever! I meant to post it about a week ago, but my computer decided it was going to need a new harddrive so that set me back a bit.

I has album art:

tracks, lyrics, download link etc )
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Title: The Heart Was Rejected By the Host
Spoilers/Warnings (if any): General series spoilers up to 3x13 "Last of the Time Lords".

16 songs in a .zip file + artwork and track listing at my LJ
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Simm!Master Fanmix yay! For the challenge, I guess (though it's been in the works for awhile.)

Minus the bonus track, this is meant to fit on one audio CD. Titles link to streaming files at last.fm; mp3s for the whole mix are in a .zip after the tracklist.

Tracklist + zip )

There is also a commentary track/disc insert thing for this mix, which basically turned into an elaborate re-telling of the whole arc from the Master's point of view, which is basically what this mix is anyway: Revolution Commentary

And bonus material just for this community! )
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What's this? A contribution? Say it isn't so!
I've been poking around at making a DW/Torchwood slash mix with songs from musicals, but the Doctor/Master songs were threatening to take over the entire thing. So they've been spun off into their own mix here.

Warning: Swings wildly from maudlin to cracky. xD

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