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Hi comm!

I'm trying to collect icons of every (major, at least) Doctor/Master pairing. So far I'm lacking Six/Ainley! and Seven/Ainley!. I'd also love to get Nine/Jacobi!, and any fan interpretation of Theta/Koschei would be stellar, too.

(Waiting on Eleven to see if they give him Simm a Master, as I don't think I'll be writing any Eleven fic 'til then.)

I'm sorry if I tagged this incorrectly.
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I've made my second batch of Doctor Who mashup icons, including the requests I received from my previous post. Contains Doctors, Masters and companions from the all eras. 32 icons in total.

Includes 4 Doctor/Master icons: Eight/Jacobi!Master, Six/Delgado!Master, One (with Susan)/Ainley!Master, and Eleven/Simm!Master.


I looked back on all of you. Every single one. And I was so proud.
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I've made a ton of mashup icons featuring pairings/groups of different Doctors, Masters, and companions. These include 5 Doctor/Master icons of the following versions:
- Five/Simm!Master
- 2 Five/Delgado!Master
- Nine/Simm!Master
- Four/Simm!Master


Best enemies in any form
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I did some Doctor/Master icons from all eras, including one non-canon Eight/Jacobi!Master. Hope you enjoy. :)

Made for [livejournal.com profile] slash20in20, round 3, claim: Doctor/Master


Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket

The rest are HERE at my graphics journal, [livejournal.com profile] v_g_graphics.
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Made for [livejournal.com profile] slash20in20, round 2, claim: Doctor/Master

Slash20in20 round 2,Ten,Simm!Master Slash20in20 round 2,Simm!Master Slash20in20 round 2,Ten

The rest are HERE at my graphics journal, [livejournal.com profile] v_g_graphics.
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*looks around* First time posting and I hope I'm doing this right. But I did 20(+2 extras) Doctor/Master icons for slash20in20.


Are you asking me out on a date?

*goes back to lurking*
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I've recieved several requests for a wallpaper version of my "Mr. Smith & Mr. Saxon" manip, so I made two. :) One is just the regular poster, the other is flipped so the Doctor and the Master are standing back-to-back. I've also included some base icons using the second version.


I like it when you use my fake name...
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20 Doctor/Master Icons for [livejournal.com profile] slash20in20 
1. Do not steal -- please credit [livejournal.com profile] the_redjay 
2. Do not use plain icons as bases
3. Please comment if taking
4. No hot-linking!


You keep breaking me down but I still ain't over you~! )
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Made for [livejournal.com profile] ilove20in20 Round 1 - I Love Blondes. 



The rest are HERE at my graphics journal, [info]v_g_graphics.
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So, I made Six icons! Not six Six icons, alas. I think there be nine, but now I'm not sure. It's a mystery! Go forth and find it out and love him! For he is lonely, and when he is lonely, he becomes morose. After morose, he becomes irate. Once he's irate, he breaks my good china. And really, I'm not made of good china. 

Likely a good thing, really, given the company I keep.

Anyway! Look, I posted!

[Lookit that fake cut, thinks it's a real cut.]

Oh, oh, and this:
This IS a real cut. )
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Did you ever feel like there should be more Doctor/Master icons in your life?

Well, stop worrying. I made about 60 King's Demons/Planet of Fire icons, including a dozen shippy Five/Ainley ones.

If you want them, you can have them, here.

cross-spamming to a couple of who-related places, so if you see this on your flist twice it's oviously fate.

obligatory icon preview stuff:

[61] Doctor Who - Fifth Doctor Era
[26] Kamelot
[45] Metalocalypse

#1icons: doctor who #2icons: doctor who #3icons: doctor who

re:#2 yes, I tried to find the cap that looked most like they were kissing, can you blame me?
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I've made a ridiculously cute and totally OOC manip of the 10th Doctor/Simm!Master cuddling on a couch.

Matching base icons included, rated G.


Couch cuddles
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I've made 3 manips of the Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master (admittedly, they're all made using photoshoots of David Tennant and John Simm, so they may come off more David/John than Doctor/Master). I've included 20 base icons and one matching wallpaper, all rated G.

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 Have I ever posted anything before? Maybe, I might have, but I don't remember.

Should I do so more often? Probably. But look, this time I brought presents!

(Fake cut is convincing, y/y?)

25 or so Roberts!Master icons. Also featuring: Eight, Chang Lee, Grace, some goo, and The Lacy Red Robes of Rassilon.
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And a few more tangentially related. Contents may include language.
enjoy or don't! )

Well, don't blame me. It was post here or languish in eternal virginity. Apparently.
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Have a smattering of new iconses!

John Simm at 16, practicing student video dorkery [18]
Doctor Who: The Awesomest Thing Ever The Time Monster [16]
Sexy icons of sexy sex (NSFW) [20]

1. Want, take, have, share and enjoy; that's what they're for
2. Textless icons are not bases, plz not to be modifyin', kthx
3. Credit, or Unexpected Naked Benton will show up at your parents' house
4. But it was a dream! OR WAS IT?


Speaking of smooth.


(It's been a hard day's night)


Dec. 27th, 2009 11:08 am
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Hello : D I'm quite new in this ocmmunity and I offer you icons of the last episode! Master and Doctor... not many icons however there are spoilers of The End of Times part I.
Icons under the cut (spoilers) ) 
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Hello all! Whilst netiquette often escapes me, I did learn as a child that you should always bring something to a party, so I'm offering icons. No, it's okay. Just put them in the back corner. Next to the mineral water.

Working. Seriously. 3/Delgado!Master

Ah. More of the same, then? )


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