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100 words, all ages, not mine. While constructing the Master's android body, the Doctor runs into an unexpected problem.

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i wrote this story three years ago. i podficced the first series last sunday. here are some links to both versions:

Title: Kept Man: Shalka Redux
Characters/Pairings Doctor/Shalka!Master - mainly Nine, also Ten.
Rating: R
Word Count: This part 8,000ish.
Summary: In 'Scream of the Shalka', REG!Doctor (the ninth Doctor who almost was) was seen travelling round the universe with a robotic Master for no apparent reason. The ninth Doctor (who actually was) has a much better reason for travelling with a robotic Master given that his entire race are dead. This fic assumes that he was and that the Master just kept out of sight so as not to alarm anyone.
Series 1 from 'Rose' to 'Christmas Invasion'.

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I finally have something with more content to post... well, link. :D

Artist: [livejournal.com profile] stalkerbunny
Regenerations: Third Doctor & Delgado!Master, First Doctor-Shalka!Nine Doctor and all accompanying Masters, Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master (3).
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own anything.

Link: Does this constitute a picspam?
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Once again not sure if this is approriate nor exactly how to tag. :'x
So, over on tumblr there is a fairly popular phenomena of these ask blogs by fictional characters, and to keep this short, here are links to:

Ask the (Shalka!)Master by yours truly and
Ask all the Doctors by [livejournal.com profile] gluecookie, who asked me to link hers while I was at it.

For the first: It's my first time running one, so I'm kind of working it out as I go along. The plan is to accompany the answers with little drawings, though if that grows too troublesome I might end up just writing them/going by whatever seems to fit. Either way, if you have any questions you can use the two ask buttons under the description (or put them here/pm them to me, if you'd rather).
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First post here, hope it's not a complete failure.

Been reading the novel version of Scream of the Shalka, and ended up quoting and commenting bits of it on my journal, most of them regarding Shalka!Nine and his relationship to the robot/android Master. Realized after I made it that it might be relevant to the interests of this community, especially as I'd love to discuss them, and am not sure how many people in my flist are familiar with Shalka!verse/Doctor Who.
I don't feel it's really deep enough commentary to deserve the title of meta but possibly that distinction is needed? Also, is it ok to link to my journal? If not (but this is otherwise ok), I can move it over here. :')

Link here

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Title: In Which The Doctor Is, Fortunately, Not An Amoeba
Author: [info]nemaline 
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all related trademarks are the property of their respective owners, mostly the BBC.
Summary:  Shalka!fic. Alison  is rather confused about the relationship between the Doctor and the Master.
Warnings: Silliness, insufficient editing, and fluff. References to sex, including the blueprints for certain parts of the Master's anatomy.
Notes: So I am not, as it happens, dead. And it is (as I believe has already been mentioned!) Asexuality Awareness Week, and then [livejournal.com profile] dragonofmemory talked me into writing fic to celebrate this occasion, because she is an enabler. And then I wrote Shalka!fic, because the world always needs more Shalka. It's all her fault, anyway, that's the main point.

Link to story: here

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I was thirty seconds away from posting, and LJ ate it. *sniffles* No recs should be without Shalka!

Title: Negotiation
Pairing: Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master
Length: About 9,000
Summary: The Doctor, the Master, Alison, and a miserable muddy war.
Rating/warnings: PG-13 for light swearing, kissing (lol, what a warning), character injury, and wartime situations
Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] neveralarch

Why this must be read:
Well, Shalka. Alison's POV lends itself wonderfully to snark. The Doctor and the Master fail at concealing the fact they're top over toe for each other. Alison gets things done while Time Lords make goof eyes. Simply brilliant. However, as satisfying as the plot and characters are, the real highlight of this story is the narration itself. It begs to be read aloud with all possible snarkiness. And, while I'm not one to throw around the phrase 'sexual tension' often... well! There's this beautiful exchange between the Doctor and the Master near the end - you'll know it when you see it - that I'd love to use for the excerpt, but I shan't because it's that much better with the weight of the story behind it. Now you're curious, hm?

"You shouldn't force two shutdowns so close together," said the Doctor. "I think you're fine, but you might have damaged your processors."

"Everything seems in order," said the Master, with a frown.

"Good," said the Doctor, leaning down and pulling him to his feet. "Now, pay attention. I know you're worried about me, and I promise I won't do anything idiotic, alright?"

"You're always doing something idiotic," started the Master, but the Doctor interrupted him by pressing his thumb to the Master's lips.

The Master glanced immediately at Alison, and the Doctor sighed.

"Oh, for heaven's sake. Alison, cover your eyes."

Link to the story: Here

One rec left before you're free of me!

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 Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't been a very good reccer for you :( Had an unexpectedly busy week. But I promise to make it up to you with 2 reccs each day for the rest of the week :)

I'll start with 2 'Scream of the Shalka' related fics:

Title: Entertainment
Author: Severa
Words: 949
Summary: REG!Nine fic. Alison tries to find out what there is to do for fun on the TARDIS other than listen to the Doctor and the Master argue.
Warning: none
Why this must be read: It's a funny and cute glimpse of domestic life on the Tardis. 

Title: The Best of Enemies
Author: AutumnsDarling
Words: 11827
Summary: "Two Time Lords, one TARDIS, and an awful lot of arguing." A humourous, character-driven story for the Webcast/REG Doctor set pre 'Scream of the Shalka'.
Warning: none
Why this must be read: I love the banter between the two of them. I love that the Master saves the day. That the Doctor sends the Time Lords "running back to Gallifrey, scared of their own shadow". And I love the explanation for how there can be 3 cannon Ninth Doctors.

sketch dump

May. 4th, 2011 06:38 pm
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 over at my journal: pride1289.livejournal.com/5511.html  pride1289.livejournal.com/5836.html 
I figured since the great majority of them are DW related, you would like to know. Some are even to fill that D/M mix and match thing.
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Title: Variations on Forever (10/13)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] janeturenne
Word Count: This chapter: 9,500
Pairing: This chapter: Eight/Roberts, Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master, Shalka!Doctor/Yana!Master, plus a nibble of implied Ten/Simm and a bit of mild Eight/Jack Harkness
Rating: This chapter: NC-17 for sexytimes, violence and language
Warnings: Mentions of the horrors of war, I suppose
Beta thanks: to the marvelous [livejournal.com profile] blackletter
Summary: Wherein the Master is a snake, the Master is a human, the Master is an android, the Master is a Time Lord, the Master is a human again, and the universe wages Time War in the meanwhile.
AN: Written for the Big Bang. Next chapter due Thursday.

Chapter One lives here, Chapter Two here, Chapter Three here, Chapter Four here, Chapter Five here, Chapter Six here, Chapter Seven here, Chapter Eight here, and Chapter Nine here.

I think I'm going to kiss you now. I seem to like that sort of thing, this time.
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Nine out of ten people know of my abiding love for Shalka - and really, there is so much to love. Here is some of that love, in a form all people with eyes can enjoy.


People without eyes can still hear the love calling through the night. )
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And so the schmoop challenge rolls endlessly on. Endlessly .... endlessly ... god what have I signed up for?

So apparently ... some people... were squicked by the finger last week. Well. Fair warnings this time, IF YOU DO NOT LIKE CRISPY DO NOT BE CLICKING THE FIRST CUT. IT IS SOMEWHAT .... HORRIFIC.

Elsewise we have mpreg, grrrrrrrlls (not ... femme!Doctors. Just .... girls. Girls are hard to draw y'all), more drunk!Ainley and a follow-up to the bearfight. Also, no Five this week. On the other hand, no Six either. I leave it up to y'all to decide which is the bigger tragedy.*

Poor sad Crispy. He just wants your love. Prompt: Reunion. )

Everthing else. Prompts: Boat Ride, Neck Kisses, Pregnancy (Male or Female), Pregnancy - Birth, Drunken Confessions of Love, Nurse Back To Health )

*The lack of Six, you guys, clearly. God. Keep up.
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To provide inspiration for a group project (more on this later), I thought I should make a list of good shalka!fic, including nigh-canon stories and pertinent Shalka-based AUs . Please add your own suggestions in comments! My recs are largely:

Long Stuff:

Verteidigungskrieg by Von: hard, well-written, nigh-gen war fic.
He Cannot Meet His Master's Eyes (Chapter 1, Chapter 2) by Von: Sensual, dark alt!Shalka!verse.
Living Things by bagheera_san: Origin-story for the Shalka-verse.
Kept Man by aralias: If Shalka!Master lived in the TARDIS for the entirety of New Who. 
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Title: Why Umbrella Stands in Zeppelin Hangers are Useful
Characters: Shalka!Boys, Alison Cheney
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, seriously.
Author's Notes: So there is this great meme going on here on b_e in which the Master fights monsters for the Doctor. And there is this amazing Shalka pic by [livejournal.com profile] neveralarch , which just kicked my mind in the right place and made me write a short fanfic. So here you have it. Enjoy!

Summary: The Master fends off the monster of the week inside the TARDIS and expects some gratitude from the Doctor, who is a bit slow in figuring out what is expected of him and not all too pleased about it all. Alison simply knows when to leave those two alone.

Why umbrella stands in Zeppelin hangers are useful )
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Guys, I realize that the comm may have moved on from this whole Master fighting things kick, but I have not.

Or, rather, I was away from my computer for almost two whole days and got really bored. So I drew Shalka!Master fighting off a cybear (possibly a cybearoctopus) in the only truly appropriate way.

Worksafe image under the cut )
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I finally finished a long Shalka story I've been fiddling with for almost 4 months, in one form or another. I figured I'd share?

Doctor Who, Shalka
Rating: PG-13
(light swearing, kissing, character injury, and wartime situations)
Pairing and characters: Doctor/Master, Alison
Wordcount: 9,000ish
Summary: The Doctor, the Master, Alison, and a miserable muddy war.
A/N: This took me forever and ever to finish - classes happened, I guess. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] evilawyer for reading through the draft and picking out all the things I had done wrong or done awkwardly. You're the best! Thanks also to [livejournal.com profile] zero_ac for reading through the draft and giving me notes on characterization. Hopefully things aren't quite as bad as before now. Any mistakes remaining are obviously mine.

Fake cut to my journal...
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Title: Change

Pairing: Shalka!Boys
Rating: G
Summary: Every word seemed to be rehearsed, every discussion a repeat, until something changed.
Author's Notes: Short double drabble, because I couldn't bring myself to work on other fanfictions.
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Uh. Hi.
I've been lurking around the edges of this comm for a while, and I was reading the drabble challenge post last night, and I found the discussion about bagheera_san's drabble and Shalka very inspiring. So much so that I ended up staying up too late writing and decided to actually post the not-in-any-way-a-drabble that I ended up with instead of hiding it away like usual. Hope this is ok?

Fake cut to my journal
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Title: he cannot meet his Master's eyes.
Rating: Bloody Torchwood!
Category: AU.
Sub-Category: even slashier than the last one. At this rate there'll be actual sex in one of these.
Pairing: Fifth Doctor/android!Master.
Chap/1shot: First chapter of... umm... several. Still working that out.
Pages: 5.
Spoilers: Spoils 'Planet of Fire', and passing familiarity with 'Scream of the Shalka' would probably help.
Warning! Are You Sensitive About: cybernetic body-horror or mind!sex?
Summary: The Fifth Doctor suffers a crisis of conscience and builds himself an android Master, for reasons which will be very clear to anyone who has seen 'Planet of Fire', upon the heels of which this story comes. Said Doctor is unable to retain any sort of self-control.
Auteur's Note: You asked for this (well, about three of you did, and that's enough when I have three days on a coach and nothing better to do). Beta'd by [livejournal.com profile] ashteth, but concrit from others more than welcome (especially about the bracketed thought-process thing, which is a bit of an experiment).

( follow the fake!cut! )


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