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First post here, hope it's not a complete failure.

Been reading the novel version of Scream of the Shalka, and ended up quoting and commenting bits of it on my journal, most of them regarding Shalka!Nine and his relationship to the robot/android Master. Realized after I made it that it might be relevant to the interests of this community, especially as I'd love to discuss them, and am not sure how many people in my flist are familiar with Shalka!verse/Doctor Who.
I don't feel it's really deep enough commentary to deserve the title of meta but possibly that distinction is needed? Also, is it ok to link to my journal? If not (but this is otherwise ok), I can move it over here. :')

Link here

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IT'S PEANUT BUTTER META TIME!  PEANUT BUTTER META TIME!  *ahem*  Okay, I'm sorry.  I'll be relevant now. 

Anyhow, in my never-ending quest to discover ways in which the Doctor and the Master are accidentally secretly expressing their undying love for each other through canon interactions, I have stumbled upon something quite Relevant to Our Interests.  Namely, the joys of etymology, and how it applies to how the Doctor and the Master refer to each other/define each other, etc.

The Most Backhanded Way of Saying You Love Someone, Ever. )
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Alternatively titled, “The Master’s Plan to Make the Doctor Finally Accept Domestic Bliss With Him, Featuring River Song”

While I'm busily editing the previously mentioned fanfiction I'm planning to unleash in the near future, I thought I'd share this madness with all of you.

It goes without saying that we’re all curious about What’s Up With River, and a slurry of theories have been floating about the Internet. I think I’ve heard them all, and yet none of them satisfy the “Eureka!” shock of having it all fit together. Until now.

No, I repeat, no, River Song is not the Master. She can’t be the Master, plain and simple. Nothing would make sense. However, I have a theory. The Master is involved in this theory. And it’s all a part of his new Master Plan.


Convoluted Scheme Ahead! )


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Everyone and their dog has been doing the Five Things About a Character response posts. It might be interesting/provoke good conversations/make a good resource for fanwork producers or people looking for a new era to enjoy if we shared them in a convenient central location, and give us a chance to read the thoughts of a wider circle than just our besties. If you've done them already, please feel free to cut and paste your answers. If you've written some, you could always collect a full set. If you've not written any, this is your opportunity!

The meme is essentially:

"Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them. Any and all characters welcome. (Even ones I haven't written but might know about...)"

I see no reason why this must just be for characters you have written/intend to write. If you have any meta to give, writer or no, or want to talk about Five Things You Keep In Mind When Drawing, that's cool too.

Obviously this will work a bit differently, with threads/headers for every Doctor, every Master, and a general Other Characters header, because why not. Feel free to make other headers for characters NOT already included, but please don't just post anywhere for characters we already have, that's super messy and annoying.

Discussion and cross-commenting on each others' responses is totally encouraged! Not that I think it's terribly likely, as you're a good crowd, but wanky arguing is totally discouraged. Cross the line, get bah-leeted--y'all know what's appropriate and what isn't.

**EDIT** IT IS STILL COMPLETELY KOSHER TO REQUEST CHARACTERS OF PEOPLE PARTICIPATING! Just leave a comment on their own meme on their lj (which is really no business of ours, but, whatevs), or here, on a response they've posted!

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OK. You love the Master, I love the Master. I think it’s kind of granted. And we all like reading fics about out favorite megalomaniac with auditory hallucinations. The Master also sometimes knows as Koschei. And that what I’m writing here about. Because I got a feeling that most people think it’s something fluffy or childish or insignificant. Hell it is. (And here i'm just too tired of all pet-nicknames that people invented, all very silly in context to tell you the truth :)). So, moving on... Koschei. That name is taken from Russian mythology and, basically, it’s the name of personification of Death. Usually he could be found in fairy-tales. The iconic image of this character is a bloody skeleton or very skinny old man. He is some type of warlock, obsessed with immortality, which is what he is most famous for. See he is really really hard to kill. He hid his death. He usually shames against protagonist, making hero’s life very interesting and very difficult.
He is a destructive by his nature, but also able to create.
The name itself means either “bone” or “prisoner” or “cat”. Lots of variants here, really.
In some aspects that character is very much alike Voldemort or say Nazgul, if you want example from contemporary literature.
I’m not sure if anybody is interesting in something less generic. But if you are, I could write something about it. So should I?
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So. I am by no means an expert on anything whatsoever, but I recently indulged in this bit of fansquee that got away from me rather, and which I thought might be useful for new or newish D/M slashers, particularly those thinking about making the jump from New Who to Old Who. I'd like to think it might even be a little bit entertaining for those who've been around far longer than I have. So I figured I might as well post it here?

Doctor Who

A by-a-beginner-for-beginners-guide

being an entirely biased, completely incomplete, rough, opinionated, subject-to-editing, heavily Master-slanted, highly illustrated, unbetaed, not-at-all comprehensive look at the first 45 years of the Doctor's on-screen existence, with a heavy dose of Doctor/Master 'ship manifesto thrown in for the lulz, and a series of rec lists thrown in for the because-I-could


By [livejournal.com profile] janeturenne

Advice, additions, subtractions, suggestions, squee, constructive criticism, and general fannishness eagerly solicited

n.b.: The first two Doctors are where my knowledge is roughest. It gets better as time goes on, I swear.
n.b. again: photos snatched mostly from here, here or here, with thanks and praises

Part 1: the basic basics and Doctors 1-4
Part 2: Doctors 5-8
Part 3: the Shalkaverse and Doctors 9-11
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For reasons that are probably best left unexplored, I have decided to try and catalogue all kink in Doctor Who.

Needless to say, this is a major project which will take at least a year to complete, in the unlikely event that I do successfully complete it. At the moment, 43 serials and 36 episodes have been covered, and stories from all the Doctors' runs are included. The total word count is currently 35.000, or, if you include the initial essay that started it all, 45.000.

This project is not safe for work and full of spoilers. If you're squicked or triggered by BDSM, consider yourself warned. The Doctor Who Kink Project Main Post.
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IT'S ALL THEIR FAULT *points to chatroom*

we were discussing the similarity in situations of three and cheetah!master...
and someone suggested that there must then be a brig!cheetah...

so I complied.

and then they DEMANDED I post it

so, um...here *posts and runs* *could do so much better if given time*

love is...

May. 3rd, 2010 09:06 pm
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So! After serious, deep thought, I've come to a couple conclusions.

CONCLUSION NUMBER ONE: is somewhat belated because I decided this months ago but never thought to post it here.

'Domination ... from dominus "lord, master," lit. "master of the house," from domus "home" (see domestic) + -nus, suffix denoting ownership or relation.'

'Meddle ... From mid-14c. to 1700, it also was a euphemism for "have sexual intercourse."'

(from the Online Etymology Dictionary)

Obviously Theta set out to give Koschei the bedroom eyes, and Koschei was trying to propose, and then the idiots never bothered to find out the hidden meaning in each others' actions and, and, the next thing you know it's all bondage and TCEs. This is why you don't say "I love you" with alien etymology.

CONCLUSION NUMBER TWO: the time cracks in series five are the Master punching through the time lock back into the universe proper. I don't know if anyone's come up with this theory yet Don't thank me, just write fic.
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My answer to this grew into something bigger and more meta-y about Who and the Master's place in the Doctor's Rogue's Gallery (bent over the admissions desk with... no, wait! This isn't porn! Yet.) Anyway, we have a meta tag, might as well use it:

Von on: Masters, villain decay, and hopes and dreams for Moff Tiem. )
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Hello! This is my first post, and I bring meta in the form of an essay which focuses on the Master's psychological make-up, the relationship between the Master and the Doctor, and on the various ways that power plays into that relationship.

Since there are references to kink, this essay might be considered not safe for work. It's also full of spoilers, and really very long - about 10,000 words.

Mastering the Doctor: Power and its manifestations in the Utopia arc and The End of Time

x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] best_enemies and [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho
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I've done a list of seven Master stories that I love on my journal. Link above or click the picture.

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The End of Time

Part I

Discussion Post

Get it all out in the comments, talk amongst yourselves and link us to your reaction posts if you have them.

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I know it's a bit late, but here are some thoughts and two fanfictions inspired by last weeks Battle Royal: 'Mark of the Rani' vs. 'Utopia'.

Since the Doctor compared the Master to a laburnum tree in 'Mark of the Rani', I did a little research on the symbolic meaning of said tree (because as another fandom taught me, every plant has at least one). You can find the little bit I found and some other thoughts here.

And here is a little double drabble inspired by the same serial.

Because I voted for 'Utopia', I thought I should write a short fanfiction for it, too. My plotbunnies agreed and although I am not entirely happy with it, you can read it here. It is an AU-ending for 'Utopia' and called 'Unexpected'.
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Lo, we have an episode this week.

If you're confused about what we're doing, why we're doing it, how to find the eps in question or where babies come from, plz to be referring back to this post for clarification.

Time to watch/talk about



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Months ago I read a wonderful essay on some Doctor/Master community. I had it bookmarked then my hard drive crashed and I lost all my bookmarks.

The essay interpreted the Doctor/Master relationship through Edmund Burke's dichotomy of the sublime and the beautiful. It's basic thesis was that their relationship is so epic that it transcends anything beautiful or romantic and enters the universe shattering arena of the sublime.

The reason I want to find this essay is that I was having a discussion with a professor who teaches courses about cyberculture in the English department and she mentioned she had a couple students who wrote essays about fanfiction and slashfiction and they used Doctor Who as a case study. We're supposed to talk again some time and I was trying to remember where I read some of this interesting philosophical stuff.

Delete if not allowed, etc.
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Some thoughts on 'The Mind of Evil' and a Slight mention of 'Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords' for spoiler concious folks out there who might not have seen the episodes (yeah, but you never know. It might happen!)

Cut for SPOILERS concerning 'The Mind of Evil' (IDK if you can spoil for a serial this old but you know, better safe than sorry.) )

So, Where do I go from here? (This is the right place to ask that I think XD). I’ve seen all of the fifth Doctor episodes and all the new series episodes + the movie oh and Scream of the Shalka which I adored.
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Until the end of November, we do declare the Ten/Simm!Master Challenge!

Eventually, we had to get here. It's how a great many of you entered the pairing, after all!


* The table challenge is officially complete, BUT no reason not to meander through the rest of the prompts! [livejournal.com profile] gritsinmisery is making special belated goodies for those of you who want to finish in your own good time and receive our just acclaim/something shiny for it.

* We've not loved on our anon meme for a good long while! Feel free to prompt, to answer the prompts that have tricked in during the time-out, to attend to any of the old prompts! Not that you couldn't do this before, but you know, now I'm enjoining.


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I posted a mostly-silly picspam/review of "The Daemons" if anyone's interested. Click to read.
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I'm trying to write something, but I'm allowing myself to get distracted (what else is new?) by all the rings the renegades wear.  I've posted a question asking for people's theories on the meaning of the rings here.  Your input will be appreciated, if only so that I can stop thinking about this question.


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