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Has anyone else noticed that a lot of composers, especially Romantics/post-Romantics, use a certain four-beat rhythm? Being a singer who often does opera and oratorio, I could easily bring to mind several passages in oratorio and opera (the Verdi Requiem's Dies Irae, for example), and my Music History class has brought up several others. Tchaikovsky especially seems to love this rhythm. It's everywhere in his work, especially towards the end of Swan Lake and in the final movement of Pathetique.

And then there's Bolero. Ohh, Bolero. You know, that Ravel piece that everyone knows and probably hates? Yeah, I'm not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but it became popular because an eighties movie called, I believe, 10 (*points and coughs*) had a character who said it was a good song to have sex to and then it was played during a sex scene. (I learned this in Music History. It's a fun class.) There is a beat of four played in the snare drum for the entire. Song. This has done interesting things to my headcanon.

So I'm wondering if anyone has done anything with music with that rhythm and Doctor/Master and/or if there are any conspiracy theories regarding certain Romantic/post-Romantic composers and the Master? If not, would anyone care to use any plotbunnies that arise from this post to create some? They aren't really formed in my mind and I have no idea what kind of fic I would even write about this, but... yeah.


Feb. 18th, 2012 05:50 pm
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*hangs head in shame* I feel like such a noob for asking this (well, technically I am one, as I've had an LJ for only a few days, but I've lurked around various comms for months) but...

What's the etiquette for using others' icons? I've found several I like under the graphics: icons tag here, but was too chicken to post anything on the lists because a) they were all originally posted months to years ago and b) I've no idea how one goes about crediting the maker of one's icon.

If you guys could help me out with this, it would be much appreciated. I'd also love recs for finding more icons if you have any. ^-^
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Hi comm!  Basically, I'm just wondering if anyone would be interested in watching "Curse of the Fatal Death," say, sometime during this upcoming weekend with me?  I ask largely because:

1.)  I've never seen it before, and I'm scared to go alone.  DON'T MAKE ME GO ALONE!
2.)  From what I can tell by looking at the archives, the comm hasn't done an episode watchalong for "Fatal Death" before, which seems rather odd, considering the whole...um...ending, and its relevance to our interests.  We should reverse the polarity of this condition!  ***shot***

So, for anyone who's interested, list days and times (and state your timezone!) when you'd be free to watchalong with me.  We'll work something out somehow.

Otherwise, I'll just go....by myself....all alone....afraid....to the unknown.....


All right folks, due to some very logical points about accommodating regular weekday work schedules made by one [livejournal.com profile] 10littlebullets (thanks!), and also due to me discovering that I have to do things on Sunday, the conclusion is:


If you need to figure out what time this would be in your time zone, I recommend looking at this site:  http://www.timezonecheck.com/

I'll put up a reminder post on Saturday.  Also, if you find you can't make the watchalong at that day and time, fear not!  Your thoughts, love, comments, etc. WILL NOT GO UNHEARD!  Because that same reminder post will also act as a discussion board/general CotFD love fest, in which I at least will be enthusiastically interacting with whoever wishes to share their Fatal Death-related comments and miscellany.  :-)  See you Saturday!

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Hello, comm! I hate to be a bother (oh, who am I kidding? I love being a bother), but I have a bit of a question.

Now, normally I'd just prompt this on the anon meme and be done with it, but I refuse to believe that this has somehow never been done before: but are there any pirate-themed D/M fanfictions hiding out there that you could direct me to/supply me with?

Read more... )
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Okay, this is technically a question about Tegan.  But since I'm asking for a Doctor/Master fic, I thought I might ask it here anyway (mainly cause I've got no where else to ask it. -_-;;; ).  I'm looking for an interjection or other utterance of surprise Tegan might say upon finding some unexpected porn.  Not Doctor/Master porn (yet), but regular old unexpected porn that is... well, unexpected.  I'm drawing a blank on things she would say and Aussie exclamations aren't my strong point.  Any suggestions?
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Concerning the Anon Meme.

It's acting very mysteriously lately.  When I go to look at it, it says it has something like "1724" comments.  But then when I go to the last page, it says it only has "1719" comments.  (Is it only doing this to me, or is anyone else having this happen?)

So, curious, I tried submitting a prompt, and when I did, a thing came up saying that it would be screened until the comm maintainer unscreened it.  That seems...new.  I wasn't sure if ze mods were aware of this occurrence or not, so I thought I'd ask.

Personally, I think the anon meme is gaining sentience and IS STARTING TO EAT THINGS RUN FOR YOUR LIIIIIIIFE, but that's probably just me.

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Dearest Commiekins,

For Dark Purposes which will Soon Be Revealed, I need to know all the times Three has:

1) Stolen a sandwich,
2) Stolen a different food item, or
3) Eaten a sandwich.

He stole Jo's and the Master's both in Sea Devils--but other than this, I am fuzzy. Halp?
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OK. You love the Master, I love the Master. I think it’s kind of granted. And we all like reading fics about out favorite megalomaniac with auditory hallucinations. The Master also sometimes knows as Koschei. And that what I’m writing here about. Because I got a feeling that most people think it’s something fluffy or childish or insignificant. Hell it is. (And here i'm just too tired of all pet-nicknames that people invented, all very silly in context to tell you the truth :)). So, moving on... Koschei. That name is taken from Russian mythology and, basically, it’s the name of personification of Death. Usually he could be found in fairy-tales. The iconic image of this character is a bloody skeleton or very skinny old man. He is some type of warlock, obsessed with immortality, which is what he is most famous for. See he is really really hard to kill. He hid his death. He usually shames against protagonist, making hero’s life very interesting and very difficult.
He is a destructive by his nature, but also able to create.
The name itself means either “bone” or “prisoner” or “cat”. Lots of variants here, really.
In some aspects that character is very much alike Voldemort or say Nazgul, if you want example from contemporary literature.
I’m not sure if anybody is interesting in something less generic. But if you are, I could write something about it. So should I?
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 Hello, and I hope it's okay to post this here?  I'm looking for artists to illustrate all twenty chapters of  my SimmMaster centric fanfic, 'The Master Chronicles'.  I do have a couple of very talented artists working on stuff already, but there are so many chapters and I'm very conscious of not wanting to ask too much of any one person or presume too much because I know that free time is very precious.  And there are so many brilliant artists out there in DW fandom that I thought it would be great to be able to feature as many as I can. 

If you think you might be interested, you can find the story here on my LJ : http://edzel2.livejournal.com/?skip=10&tag=simm!master

I've also just started to cross post the whole thing to a new Dreamwidth account because it seems to be much more user-friendly than LJ and I can actually post the illustrations as part of the chapter as they come in... so please take a look if you'd like to see how your work might look. http://edzel2.dreamwidth.org/

I'm happy to go with how each artist prefers to work: if you like to have a specific brief, I can do that; or I'm happy for you to choose your own illustration if that's how you work best.

The Chapters currently commissioned are: the Prologue (and you can see elbi_maku's awesome artwork on the Dreamwidth journal), Chapters 1, 2, 5, 7 and 9. Everything else is up for grabs!

A note here about the format: A4 is my preferred layout then I can shrink to fit where needed. Also, whilst I love colour (especially where HoodyMaster is concerned - but the Master in Book One is mainly SaxonMaster... although he does go blond partway through) I'm also aiming to get some hard copies printed up for friends and contributors (if you're interested in having a proper book version that is) so black and white/greyscales is probably best. Other than all that, I've no restrictions at all.

So if you think you might be interested, please sign up...and feel free to ask questions and so forth. Obviously there's no obligation at any point!
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I hope this is okay to post here. I'd like to get as many opinions as possible, and I've been posting my Theta/Koschei series Love Letters here since I started it.

In my LLs 'verse a Time Lord is created with a "loomling" body. This body starts as an infant and grows and matures, unlike the regenerated bodies they'll later have. I'll be explaining this in upcoming stories. It's canon that the Master has gone through all 12 of his regenerations by the time the Doctor has made it through only 4. It's also implied that Delgado!Master is not the First Master. So I'm figuring that Koschei loses his loomling body sooner than Theta does. Up to now, the role of Koschei has been played by John Simm, either as baby!Simm or, more often, from Crime and Punishment. So, who should play Koschei after he loses his loomling body and becomes the First Master?

Click HERE for more details & a poll.

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It was a long time ago that I read this, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I've been looking for it for a couple of days now, but I give up - I just can't find it. I need help finding this.

It's Ten/Simm!Master. I remember the Doctor on the ground (on his knees, and I think tied up) with his sonic screwdriver set to vibrate shoved up his buttocks. XP

I think the Master leaves him like that, and then comes back, and finishes what he started.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? ^^;
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So I am late to the party and am trying to catch myself up on all the amazingness that is Doctor/Master fanfic, and I am looking for recs. I've done some exploring on my own, and was given a number of recs over on dw_ficrecs when I asked to be convinced of this ship thru fanfic (I am normally a slash fan in every fandom, but found myself shipping Doctor/Rose pretty hard). In any case, I am now in lurve with the ship.

Anyway, I am particularly looking for fluffy Doctor/Master. I loved New Dawn Fades and The Crane Wife, both of which were fluffy and angsty, and am looking for fics in that vein. I am totally squicked by bloodplay and mental/ physical torture, but don't mind dubcon or bdsm. I came in knowing only 10/Simm!, but have developed fondness for Three/Delgado and Five/Ainley!, so I am open to new Doctor pairings as well.

I have combed through the rec posts and was hoping to get some more. I have no gifts to bring yet, but do have a cracky idea that I may put into story form..... Please help me anyway.


Jul. 25th, 2010 03:40 pm
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Alright, time for me to come clean and admit it: I'm something of a newbie Doctor Who fan.
Or at least, newbie by some definition. Technically, I've been watching and loving Doctor Who for quite a few years.
But, I came in with Christoper Eccleston back in 2005--but that's as far  back as my Who viewage and knowledge goes. I know virtually nothing of the previous Doctors, and have seen less than an episode of any of them. [Shameful, I know]
Honestly, I'm somewhat tired of having the finer nuances of fics, discussions, and fanarts within the fandom escape me. I'd like to understand what's going on.

So here's where you come in:
I want to know--as someone who desperately wants to delve deeper into the Who fandom, where should I start? With luck, I hope to watch all of it, eventually, but should I start at the beginning, or is there a particular doctor with whom I should begin my adventure? An old favorite?

Suggestions, recomendations, and comments would be lovely! Thank you!
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Several weeks ago I posted this, asking where to start in my quest to gain a better understanding of historical Doctor/Master, and I found that all of you were very, very nice and helpful and I've been doing all the reading and downloading and watching that I can with the way my summer classes are going (which is slow but steady and surely) and I'm still loving every bit of it.

However, at the risk of sounding silly and very under-informed and underachieving, I fear I come to ask for your help again, if anyone's so inclined to give it.

I promise I'll bring something that, to my thought, is interesting and nice next time I show up to make up for the trouble.

Anyway, my problem is this:

I'm making a Doctor/Master fanmix/FST for [livejournal.com profile] scifiland and one of the challenges there. While I am basing it primarily off what I know of Ten and Simm!Master, I have done enough reading and bits and pieces watching now where I simply cannot view this as the whole picture and therefore some of the way my view of the ship has been shaped by its history has bled over into the song choices and such.

Part of the challenge that I'm doing the FST for requires cover art, and one idea I'm toying with for the front cover is a sort of thing that involves various incarnations of the Doctor and the Master, as I've been very pleased with apparently beginning to understand blending in graphics, even if I'm not good at it yet.

Therefore, to aid in my search for pictures and for my continued education's sake, I was wondering if anyone who knew off the top of their head would list the Doctors and Masters that canonically correspond with each other.

That is, Simm!Master and Ten "go together" in this sense. I tried looked at the tags, but it seems that based on the nature of fic, there's some overlap, and I just wanted to know which Master and which Doctor belonged to one another in terms of in-show canon, not counting the Shalka ones.

Bonus love from me if you have any suggestions for where I can find pictures, as my watching and ability to screencap is dependent upon a lot of unreliable things that I cannot possibly have done by the 15th.

Sorry for this silly, silly question, all.
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Hi everyone. I'm new to this comm, and while I know the userinfo says you guys don't want just another picspam/fanfic community, I brought one just for a tiny little shameless plug and for a reason explained below. However, before that, I want to give you my query:

I've been a New Who fan since 2006, and have since tried my best to learn absolutely everything that it could possibly be useful to know about it. However, all of my knowledge of Old Who is cursory at best and derived almost entirely from hearsay and wiki-surfing.

Recently, however, a friend of mine (my primary RP partner it seems) has gotten into Doctor Who and reestablished my fervor for the series and kindled what I already had going for Doctor/Master since my first watch of The End of Time. Yes, I realize that's bit slow on the uptake, but I had some personal baggage reasons for hating the Master until recently. Now I adore him... I'm not sure which was healthier.

Anyway, all that said, she and I have a rather good, functional knowledge of Ten and Simm-Master, but she in her short time in the fandom seems to have amassed a better picture of their relationship as a whole than I have, and therefore, since it seemed like this sort of discussion was allowed according to the userinfo, I was wondering if anyone might be so kind as to help me figure out how to give a crash course to myself (or give me one?) about important Old Who Doctor/Master related things, since I can't possibly go back and catch up on all of it anytime soon.

I'm particularly interested in this Theta and Koschei business I have heard about but have not been educated about. I was under the impression that the word Koschei was a sort of Ukranian/Russian myth. I was aware that Theta was a sort of red herring for whatever the Doctor's real name is at one point, but... help, if you're so inclined?

I basically just need little arrows to point me in the right direction, but talking to people is great, too.

And here's the picspam I promised with attached explanation:

I come bearing a picspam that it took me an hour to cap with WMM today. My friend has since linked me to an efficient program that I'm hopeful about.

This picspam is brought to you in order to promote [livejournal.com profile] scifiland as a part of a challenge there. If you love scifi of any kind and are looking for something to do, you should join. Ask for Team Antihero! (You can be a Hero, Villain, or Sidekick, too.)

This picspam is from my favorite scene in The End of Time Part II. It involves the Doctor and the Master and spoilers, but out of context if you've never seen the show they won't make a lot of sense, so if you're curious, you should look anyway unless you're a spoilerphobe.

I capped this scene in particular because, while there are a lot of screencap sources out there for Doctor Who that are higher quality than anything I'm able to produce manually, the thing I noticed about this particular episode was that, while there are a lot of caps around, even in HD, that very few people had many very good caps of anything except the Doctor's face and Timothy Dalton in this particular scene. Maybe it's just where I'm looking for caps, but I know that for my own personal use I wanted to really try to get some good Master caps while I was at it, and initially I wasn't sure if I was going to get at least 20. I ended up getting nearer a hundred.

Like I said, Spoilers for Eot II.

Choose your enemy well... )
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Just curious - were there any scene edits/cuts on the version you guys got on BBC America? I've wondered if the Bondage!Master scene might have been cut or edited, because a couple of screen-caps/summaries I've read seem not to mention it... possibly it was censorship by the posters themselves (sorry, I can't remember who they were now) but I've been meaning to ask the question for a while now and keep forgetting...

I'd be interested to know if there were any differences... and the reasons (if not obvious!) for them!
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Title: Five Times Lord Braxiatel Had Occasion to Regret The Doctor’s Exile Very Deeply Indeed (And One Time He Wished The Doctor Would Just Sod Off Forever)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] x_los
Rating: PG
Characters: Braxiatel, Susan, Delgado!Master, Four, Five, Tegan, Turlough, Ainley!master, Six, Peri, Evelyn, Romana II, Leela, Narvin, Eight, Benny
Pairings: suggestion of Doctor/Master, and Braxiatel/Romana
Summary: The Doctor is many things to many people, but to Irving Braxiatel he is the universe's most annoying little brother.
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] aralias
A/N: THE LAST SECTION HAS SPOILERS FOR THE END OF THE 'GALLIFREY' SERIES. I started this when [livejournal.com profile] aralias was having a bad day, and it is for her.

Five Times Lord Braxiatel Had Occasion to Regret The Doctor’s Exile Very Deeply Indeed (And One Time He Wished The Doctor Would Just Sod Off Forever)

Also, does anyone know if there's like, a three community to post fic to? I've written some gen three, but know not where to put it?

Tag Squad

Mar. 18th, 2010 07:46 pm
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On behalf of our Modly Overlord, I'm seeking a few volunteers to be part of a long-term Tag Squad. Members would still tag their own posts, but the Tag Squad would double check the tagging on new posts, change or add tags as necessary, cut redundant tags, and other general tag maintenance to keep the tags clean and consistent.

Any takers?
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Has anyone who was writing D/M set in or post-Season Three before The End of Time aired and who is writing D/M set in or post-Season Three now (or trying to) shifted (or noticed a shift in) his or her characterization of the Doctor, the Master or their relationship during that time frame based on what the End of Time has taught us about the Doctor's motivation and decision to destroy the Time Lords and, if yes, how?

Just wondering.
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I tried some Four-Simm!Master.  Those two are hard to do, even without the /.  For me at least.  Honestly, though, I think I would have trouble with Four/AnyMaster.  Their dynamic is too filled with hatred, in my opinion.  My /-less shot at it is here.

So, can anybody point me in the direction of and/or write any Four/Simm!Master?  Or any Four/Master slash, for that matter.  I can only remember one right now, a "Logopolis" one set in the TARDIS control room after Tegan had stepped further into the TARDIS interior while she, Four and the Master were on their way back to Earth;  Four was unhinged by having seen the Watcher and there was comfort sex involved, although I could still feel an overriding animosity.  Can't remember the name of that one right now, either.

ETA:  Also, just now remembered the Four-Master chapter of [personal profile] x_losfic 's epic WIP (I hope that's what it still is), the name of which also escapes me right now, dammit!  But it's brilliant.  The whole thing is, but the Four-Master chapter is especially touching.  I do remember its summary is "The Doctor as a box of chocolates."  God, I tell you, a middled-age brain doesn't work any better as the night wears on.


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