Dec. 3rd, 2011

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Title : Vae Soli (2/2)
Pairing : Ten / Simm!master
Rating : R
Spoiler : End of Times
Words: this part 7.674
Warning : character death.. sort of… I’m sorry I didn’t gave the warning in the last chapter, completely forgot about it but I guess it’s better late than never
Summary : all the Master remembered was being sucked into the Time Lock with Rassilon. But he ended up waking up inside the Doctor’s TARDIS with no recollection of how he ended up there.

They didn’t talk for a long time after that incident.
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Sorry for taking so long with my recs! Anyway, have I ever told you guys how much I love fanvids? No? Well, guess what I'm reccing today? One of my favourite fanvids! 

Title: Doctor Who -- My Eyes (Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog) [Doctor/Master]
Pairing: Implied Ten/Simm!Master
Length: 2:48
Summary: This a Ten/Simm!Master fanvid set to My Eyes from Dr. Horrible' Sing Along Blog, solely using clips from the End of Time.
Warnings: Uh, none, really! (Slash really isn't a warning here, is it?)
Author on LJ (or Teaspoon, or Prydonian): Pandoribolical on YouTube
Why this must be watched: Well, this vid made me consider watching Dr. Horrible, where the song actually came from.
I love how it contrasts the Doctor and the Master, showing the differences in the way they view the world. 'Cause the Doctor, emo as you might think he was in that special, really does love the universe, has hope and all that wonderful stuff. And the Master, well, let's just say that he's less pleased with the universe. Getting rejected, Crispied up, goosnaked, burned, killed and all that stuff would do that to him. XD
And it's a duet! I love duets. And musical-like stuff. And the visuals and audio match up wonderfully!
Basically, I love this and I'd be very sad if I forgot to rec it.
Excerpt: )
Link to the vid: My Eyes
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I have made things and you will all suffer for it. First things first:

Title: Candlelight and Roses
Pairing: Five/Ainley!Master
Word count: 743
Rating: PG
Prompt: This anon meme prompt: Five is having a terrible day and the Master does something sweet and lovely to cheer him up.
Summary: A rotten week sees a perfect ending.
Warnings: Oh my goodness fluff and romance! Such a surprise! Also, momentary mention of torture.

Title: We Have Come Full Circle
Pairing: Eleven/Cumberbatch!Master (yes, Cumberbatch)
Word count: 291
Rating: PG
Prompt: 'Children' for the one hundredth drabble challenge. There are prompts awaiting you there! Go fill!
Summary: The Doctor and the Master discuss their children.
Warnings: Allusions to death.

On to the podfic:

For [ profile] doctor_caduceus's 'Lucid Dying' - mp3, 10:26, at megaupload

For my historical challenge entry 'Ainley of Shalott' - mp3, 8:36, at megaupload

For the above 'Candlelight and Roses' - mp3, 5:13, at megaupload

These podfics were recorded for the current round at [ profile] podtor_who, in which I heartily encourage all of you to participate!


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