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Well, my lovelies, today is my birthday. I am now old enough to know better... but not old enough to act my age. =) And the rec for today is Captain America because wow. That was perfect. Just kidding (not really), and I do bear Doctor Who recs.

First, I'm going to point you all to our Recs Master List. Don't forget in all the excitement of my reign to comb through the list in search of recs you've missed. As it is my birthday, and I want to, here's a selection of already-been-recced stories that never fail to make me smile:

after me comes the flood
A Day in the Life
Like Old Times
Le Roman de la Starren, or The Evil Ex-Boyfriend's Tale
A Very Original Sin
Wonderwall / The Masterplan

Now, onto my true purpose for this post...

Title: Alone I Cannot Conquer the Earth
Pairing: Ten/Simm!Master (The End of Time)
Song: Donkeyboy - 'Promise Kept'
Warnings: Gorgeousness and perfection.
Vidder on Youtube: unturndownable

Why this must be seen:
Just so you guys know, I've been saving this video for today ever since I signed up for recs. And fretting that somebody else would rec it first! This is my favourite fanvideo ever, and I've seen a lot. The song is especially well-suited to Doctor/Master. The editing is superb. The voiceovers, the drumming... Just perfect. I've watched this video countless times since I first found it most of a year ago, and it never falls short of breathtaking. *happy sigh*

P.S. The embedded version plays jerky for me - it's better if you watch it on Youtube.

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