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Name:Best Enemies
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We want to be more of a community than a ficdump/artdump.

* More classic!slash
* Fic-writing challenges
* Rec lists
* More crack!fic
* Classic Slash for Newbies! Episode summaries: We love that you're here for ten/simm!master. But perhaps you'd like to learn about all their years of previous phone sex? It's like joining the Juffo-Wup, but sexier. Consider our offer.
* Active beta-requests/offers of self as beta and such encouraged!
* Silly pairing related craft project? We want it.

This is the kind of stuff you can't do in a big comm. We stay non-srs business and just talk about what we want to talk about, find people who are cool, and rock out in an entirely non-intimidating, newbie-welcoming, fluff and darkfic alike accepting environment. Rudeness, circle-jerkery and wanketry not welcome. Politeness is mandatory, because it's not hard. Y'all know how to act.

Anyone who's interested in the above (and is enough of a Big Kid to be civil) is welcome!

We do ask that, upon joining, please be sure to introduce yourself in this post to the rest of the community. Even just a quick "hello, I'm Blah and enjoy blahblahblah!" will do, if the meme isn't for you. Not trying to lame-up your day: our reasoning is that, as we're a small group, we want everyone to say hello right off the bat in order to fascilitate discussion. It's hard to have a good dialogue w/ people you don't know at all. And if giving bit of information about yourself will expose common interests/opinions and get us started on making and submitting things and talking, why not try it?

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience!
--The Mod Team

The Mod Com for b_e is, rather predictably, b_emods. Please feel free to bring any modly issues/com business up there, so the mods can deal with it with you. Contacting us is of course also cool.


x_losfic General Mod
anadapta0801 Art Mod
bagheera_san (head RP mod), aralias, tula_peiwa RP Mods for the_imperiatrix
aralias Drabble Challenge Mod
marah_sarie Anon Meme Mod


blackletter Brigadier

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