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I have been working my way through The Lost Stories this week (because I can never have too much Peri/Six times)and I was delighted to find a Master story in disguise, 1.4 The Hollows of Time.

As you might know, The Lost Stories is a Big Finish attempt to do audios of the stories that were never made for TV starting with the lost season of the Sixth Doctor's run.

One script had been planed for Anthony Ainley's Master but when they went to rewrite the script for audio they couldn't get the rights to use the Master in any form. But here's the cool part, instead of changing it and making it not the Master they just made it really oblique. During the story the Doctor and Peri had something happen to their memory so the story is told through the framework of them recalling it post-adventure in the TARDIS and the Doctor can never quite remember something about the bad guy, saying that he seems familiar but he can't put his finger on why. The mystery never gets cleared up and he never remembers, but that way it's a completely open for Mr. Stream (lol) to have been the Master in disguise without having to get for the rights for it.

There's not a whole lot of really intense interaction between them, But it is really nice to get a taste of what would've been another Master story, and a pretty good one at that.

If you're interested at all the rest of The Lost Stories are a little hit and miss but on the whole pretty good so far, 1.3 Leviathan especially was impressive. And the team has done a lot to keep it feeling in the era that they were written for, down to using synth heavy incidental music. I think they're really enjoyable for the most part and a nice way of giving the Sixth Doctor his long overdue justice for his original run on the screen.
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Question of the week! Ponder it well.

Some people tend to seek out similar pairings in whatever fandom they're in; others find something entirely new in a new fandom. Is Doctor/Master like or unlike other pairings you ship? How/why? (Discuss)

This question courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] x_los.
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Hello hello. I forgot last week, and didn't remember until about Thursday when a good question about what we know about the Academy era was posted by someone else - so I thought that would probably do for a week.

But anyway - here is a question for this week. It's sort of fanfic-y related, as I was inspired by the last one:

What tropes do you particularly like from Doctor/Master fic? What have been too commmon? What tropes can you not see any reason for? In short - talk to me about Doctor/Master tropes!

You can comment anonymously if you like :)
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I was actually wrote this months back and didn't post it, with the excuse that it was such a meager offering for a first-time poster, I was going to wait until I had more to post. Which I... still haven't, though I'm working on it. Thus, I was pressured into making this entry.

Title: Just a bunch of one-sentence fics
Pairing: Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master.
Rating: PG13.
Spoilers: It's Shalkaverse. If there are spoilers to find, they're not here.
Length: Guys there are literally only ten sentences in total.
Summary: I stole ten genre prompts for a meme and made fic out of it, trying to become more familiar with writing the characters. It's not much, but hopefully better than nothing.

Also Shalkaverse. I really, really don't understand why there isn't more Shalka!fic around.

Over here at my fanworks journal


Sep. 19th, 2012 09:37 pm
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Okay, I'd thought about posting this to the kink meme, but the com has been far too quiet lately.  So I figure I'd just post it here and liven things up.  Plus, it amused me.  Note: The video itself is not D/M, but I figured it would entertain.  If the mods wish me to take it down, I shall.  Also, if this has already been seen a million times over, just ignore me.  It was new to me, at any rate.

I will never cross the road without thinking of Three again.  Also, I can see him trolling the Master with this so, so easily.  Stopping the Master before he can cross, and sassing him about not following SPLINK.  And then the poor Master is left trying to figure out what the hell SPLINK is. He misses the light while trying to figure it out. 

So, how do you picture the Master reacting to this?  XD
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Written for [livejournal.com profile] dragonofmemory, who gave me this Barenaked Ladies song as a prompt some time last year.

Title: All Been Done Before
Pairing: Eight/Jacobi!Master, Ten/Simm!Master, Eleven/original Master
Rating: I was too lazy to write porn
Spoilers: general Eleven Era spoilers, "End of Time"
Length: 3278 words
Summary: Eleven meets one of River's favourite professors at Luna University.

here at my journal
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Still Monday! Here's your question-

Excluding those shown on screen, what was the Master's most ridiculous disguise? And what did the Doctor do when he saw it?
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OK - so it's actually Tuesday. Never mind - here is this week's discussion question:

What Doctor/Master fanworks that don't currently exist do you wish did exist?

Some suggestions: anon meme prompts that aren't currently filled. Some general statement like 'more fanart' or a specific one like 'a fanvid to 'You're Really Growing On Me'' or a stop-motion fan vid, or a sequel to something. Or... something we don't really have at all like... jewellery. The choice is yours!

You can comment anonymously if you like. And feel free to fill other people's requests (in fact, it is encouraged).
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Happy Monday everyone - it was a bank holiday in the UK today, so I almost forgot - but here's our discussion quest for the week.

What would a Doctor/Master episode by your favourite author be like? OR alternately - what would a Doctor or Master costume designed by your favourite artist/designer be like?
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Title: Of Companions, Captains and Friends
Rating: G
Word count: 635
Characters, pairings: Doctor/Master, Jack, Martha
A/N: A kind of a missing scene from The Sound of Drums, so I guess spoilers for that.

There was a story, a long time ago, some time ago, a short time ago, now, and it began like that...

It's somehow fairy tale-ish in its own way, and the Master is discussed rather than present, and all in all it's something new for me.
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Hello all. I was away last week and totally forgot about the discussion challenge. But now we're back! From outta space Edinburgh, and here is your designated question of discussion.

It's 'Survival' themed, because today is Anthony Ainley and Sylvester McCoy's joint birthday:

If Doctor Who was ever to end - how would you want the final episode to go? AND (as a bonus extra question) if the Production Team had fully understood 'Survival' was to be the final episode of Doctor Who for a while/forever, how do you think it would be different? Discuss.

(Or, if that's too morbid for you, what would a joint-birthday party for the Doctor and the Master be like? Discuss).(I actually really love the ending of 'Survival' - it is surprisingly and quietly perfect)(but that doesn't mean I don't want to hear other ideas).
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We're still trying to cast episode 4 of our 'Scream of the Shalka' audio series (no knowledge of Shalka necessary). DEADLINE AUGUST 14th.

'The Immortality Pedlars' by [livejournal.com profile] vonquixote
Our heroes land in ancient Byzantium and encounter a man who appears to have cracked the secret to Immortality. This episode has jokes, a song, ethical and theological dilemmas, and SCIENCE.

All you need to do is record a few lines of dialogue and send them in for us to listen to. If you get cast, it'll be a few hours of group recording with fellow fans, which people generally seem to agree is a fun thing to do of an evening.

Click here for more information and audition lines.

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Hello - here as a private citizen, not as a mod interested in your daemon-assigning (though that is going well. Good job, all).

1. Have you been thinking about reading the EDAs (Eighth Doctor Adventures)? If so, now could be a good time to start. I've been running readalongs over at [livejournal.com profile] henriettastreet for a while, but now they're going to be organised - and if you're interested, please do have a say in how you'd like this to happen. Poll with clicky buttons: is here.

Readalong posts would be approximately once a month, and you'd be warned in advance as to what you'd be reading. And the EDAs that I've read so far have largely been pretty great. Just saying.

2. Also, it'd be remiss of me not to ask whether you want to be in an episode of Shalka-Doctor Who set in Byzantium (it's about IMmortality). Do you? There's an audition post here here at [livejournal.com profile] radio_sonic.
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Which animal daemons would you assign to the Doctor and the Master? And would they change over regenerations? Discuss.

(Assuming that Doctor Who was in the same universe as 'His Dark Materials' there could be some awesome-cool stories about the Master trying to get ahold of the Subtle Knife for Evil Purposes and/or the Doctor trying to close the rift between dimensions/worlds. If you want to discuss that kind of thing you can.)

I must admit, as much as I like daemon-assigning, I did have to ask our over-mod [livejournal.com profile] x_los whether this question was OK. She responded: it's a bit gaysauraus rex. which is ainley's animal fyi. but it'll do.

A cooler question next week perhaps. For now, please be bringing the pictures of animals.
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Back to the text this week for today's DISCUSSION QUESTION CHALLENGE THING:

What was the Master's worst ever plan and why? Discuss.

You can use whatever category of worst you like.

And you can of course regale us with stories of bad plans that were never shown on the TV, heard on audio, read in books, etc (i.e. you can make something up if you like, or you can just say 'that one with the concords, because-'/similar).
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Check out my new "Survival" video, set to an awesome trock song that is a duet between Seven and Cheetah! Master.

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OK - slight tweak to the usual discussion question format.

What Doctor Who "canon" have you not read/seen/heard yet that you would like to?

Doesn't have to be Master-related, though it can be. My idea being that you say a thing like 'Castrovalva' or 'the Jo Grant era' or 'I have never seen Glitz' or 'I would like to read the NAs' or 'I would like to listen to this Gallifrey everyone keeps going on about' and then other people in the comments tell you how awesome those things are and hopefully encourage more watching of Glitz-stories/whatever.

No shaming people who have never seen 'The Sensorites' (I haven't) - just enthusiasm.

Let's see how it works out.
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Title: ‘You must go by a way wherein there is no ecstasy’
Author: darklyenigmatic
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Dalek, Parting of the Ways, Utopia
Summary: It is the Master who presses the button. It is the Master who ends the Time War. It is the Master who destroys the Daleks and tears Gallifrey from the Universe.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately.
Word count: 3394
Author’s Note: This fic has been gestating for approximately three years. It started life as a detailed plan for the Master surviving while the Doctor is killed when he ends the Time War. It was projected to be about 35,000 words. Three years on I sat down and started writing and it became a one-shot that, in essence, flips them around entirely. I’m not sure I’m entirely happy, particularly with some of the characterisation and structure, but editing has been done and I think I’ve knocked it into some semblance of shape, though it’s unbeta-ed I’m afraid (any takers?). Title is a line from T.S. Eliot’s East Coker (his collection Four Quartets provides a wealth of DW inspiration). Also a fill to [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho_100 prompt 082: If. Hope you enjoy, comments and criticism very welcome :)



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