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I wrote this fic awhile ago, but I am yet to post it here. I am new to this community by the way, and rather adore it ;)
Title: Connected
Characters: Doctor (10th) / Master (Saxson)
Episode/s: New Years Day Special- The End of Time- Part 2
Setting: The Doctor has been released from the 'bondage chair' so The Master can be with him alone...
Warnings: Slash/Sex/Angst/There are references to Classic Dr Who (but only a little)
About: The Doctor will have to face up to something The Master has been after for years; his mind and his hearts- struggling and pain will continue... Time Lord love- random and very intense; I'm not sure how it came to me but I enjoyed writing it (; 
The Doctor spat..- follow link 
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A fellow fanfic writer and I recently had a little conversation about slash-fic in which they noted that they have other fic they might be tempted to post when they felt it wouldn't embarrass them (wasn't sure if you wanted to be identified BTW, apologies if you wouldn't have minded, lol) .... I'm quite familiar with that feeling, and wondered how many other Doctor/Master (or indeed Doctor/other pairings, although my main focus is D/M TBH) shippers might have other unseen works that they're reluctant to post... and I haven't actually posted much of my own slash-fic yet so I'm as guilty as anything...

To that end, I'd like to propose an Anonymous Slash-fic Thread for those stories that otherwise might never see the light of day... if you have any such, please feel free to post it here as an anonymous comment to this entry ...
I intend to x-post this request to other DW communities, but please, if this is against the rules of your community, feel free to remove (though I'd appreciate notification just so's I can avoid making the same mistake in future!) - I'd hate to upset anyone, just thought it might be a fun way to unearth more fic, is all. XD

Here be the link if you want to post: http://edzel2.livejournal.com/37548.html


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