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Yes, yes, I realise they are HUGE, but they need to go together. And in this order.

Title: The Sleepwalker
Pairing: Eight/Roberts!Master
Length: 19,000
Summary: He knows which one is reality, but he keeps slipping farther into the dream.
Rating/warnings: R
Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] aralias

Why this must be read:
So many many reasons. What it boils down to for me is this: the Doctor is married to (essentially) the Master in a dream world, and this strikes him as perfectly normal.

"You’ve been having more bad dreams," Charley said. "I can tell you didn’t sleep well," she explained at his questioning look, "from the bags under your eyes, and because you’re never normally just sitting around quietly in the morning. It’s always up up up, and what will we do today, Charley, and eating all the toast before anyone else can get to it."

"They’re not," the Doctor explained, "exactly bad dreams."

"If they’re not exactly," Charley mimicked, "bad dreams, why do you look so glum?"

Title: Meanwhile, In Another Universe
Pairing: John/Sam (human Eight/Roberts!Master in effect)
Length: 23,000 so far
Summary: When Sam met John - the history for the 'dream.'
Rating/warnings: NC-17
Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] aralias

Why this must be read:
I know it's bad etiquette to post WIPs, but this one doesn't leave me unsatisfied where it stops. When considered together with 'The Sleepwalker,' it forms a complete enough picture of John and Sam's relationship to get by on. That said, this is delightful and I would love to see more. John claiming Sam is a stalker, when in fact he's the one doing the stalking, when in fact Sam is stalking quite fine while appearing not to be - this amuses me to no end.

He observed to himself that he had rather skilfully got away without explaining what it was that had ‘done it for him,’ which could essentially be boiled down to - the mix of competence and failure, confidence and vulnerability, the thrill of being sung so meaningfully to, even the song was intended for another and by Strauss, and how incredibly ridiculous and adorable it was for a large, handsome and clever man to sing a young girl’s love song in a bathroom.

Link to the story: This page (tagged 'samverse') links to all parts of both stories, from the bottom up.

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