Feb. 20th, 2012

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Hi guys!

So recently "Doctor Her", a blog which seeks to provide feminist analysis of aspects of Who, has been receiving a fair amount of positive attention. While I'm always happy when feminist and critical pop culture discourses get furthered, the attention also makes it seem as though this discourse is a new development, rather than work lj!fandom etc. is consistently and constructively engaged in. It got me thinking about the real need for a way of archiving meta, both for people within the LJ community and those not currently familiar with it.

Are there current, public methods of accomplishing this I'm not currently aware of? Someone's Delicious Tags are nice, but not really the big solution here, I feel? And old-school archiving has some issues: I think it sloughs context and isn't really aesthetically accessible to those used to using like, Jezebel or Tiger Beatdown.

If these things don't exist, I'd like to start, for Who and then potentially for other fandoms, such a system. We'd establish tags, which would ideally not be mutually exclusive (i.e. you could search for 'feminism' and 'RTD', or just one, or these and more things, to narrow your field to what you'd like to read about or re-find). People would submit a link to us, with a list of the tags they think apply. We'd post the first paragraph and a cut-away, which would actually link to the place the article was hosted (lj, privately hosted blogs, Tumblr, whatever), thus providing the thing in its original context and preserving the comments and such. We'd do this both for old stuff and for current material (easy because Who's relatively slow at the moment). We can even tag for when something is a bit more general interest (a discussion of new who companions and feminism) or more media-fandom interest (a detailed breakdown of Why Five/Turlough (a/n: god seriously Why?) and/or a discussion of fanvid ethics and aesthetics). We'd also link to relevant Mainstream Media Articles, and maaaaaaybe produce exclusive content, though I'm not really sure about that. I'm thinking a blogger platform, but I'm not up on this, so don't really know. Should submissions be moderated, or open via some kind of wiki format? I kind of lean towards moderated, so that we can keep tags and such neat and useful.

This will draw attention to the work fandom already does, further discussion, maybe productively reignite old threads, and perhaps promote more nuanced/educated new writing and prevent us all from having to read genre!fandom- and pop-culture-writers incessantly reinventing the wheel.

So basically I'd like to discuss this? Then I'd need some help with set-up from people who are more Blogger (or whatever?) savvy than I am. Then, if we went with a moderated option, I'd need some help processing submissions, probably. If submissions weren't forthcoming, I'd need some help gathering links--I don't know whether we'd need permission to post someone's content because we'd actually just be reposting the links they were happy to give Who Daily or whoever with some tags? But if that's a 'removing it from the fandom safe space' issue, we can talk about it?

Please comment or message me if interested. And I don't care if you're not a b_e person, in case that was unclear. Thanks!
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Nobody wants no goosnakes?

OK - how about this?

This week's prompts are:



Waited For You


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