Apr. 1st, 2012

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Hey, b_e, long time no see!
No, this isn't an April Fools joke. I'm not going to rickroll you, I promise. I am here, crawling desiccated and severely burned from my lack of fanish inspiration to stroke your four-like curls with my video-making prowess or lack thereof.
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With the help of my local library and Lovefilm (DVD rental library) I have caught up with a few classic Who eps so far.

At the moment want to write a response to a particular request on the kinkmeme about _Planet of Fire_, so I borrowed a boxed set of _The King's Demons_ and _Planet of Fire_ from the library and _The Five Doctors_ from Lovefilm.

Since I probably don't want to spend the effort of waiting for/tracking down the intermediate 4 eps between King's Demons/Five Doctors and Planet of Fire, *what exactly happens?*

(I seem to be just watching the eps with the Master in trying to get the "voice' right and how he and the Doctor play off each other. Since there are (according to the Beeb) about 600 old-skool Who eps I tend to rely on my memories from original broadcast apart from that)

Hope someone can help, at least with a rough idea of interesting/important stuff that goes on in those eps.
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Can somebody who is more WIN at icons do me one. I would like two faces alternating like my current icon, but this time Shalka!Doctor and Shalka!Master with the text "They are so married."

If it would work. If not, don't strain yourselves.

If someone comes up with one, I will write them a D/M drabble of their choice... (This is a rash promise as I am not sure if I could manage a NuWho one, though)


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