Apr. 3rd, 2012

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TO MAKE UP FOR BEING LATE, HERE'S A MASTER SO OBSCURE THAT EVEN I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT HIM UNTIL I MADE THIS POST. I am not the definitive bar of all knowledge in Doctor Who fandom, though, far from it - and why should we discriminate against those who have read the NAs properly? That's right - we shouldn't! Let's see whether anyone can do anything with this then...

This week's prompts are:

First Frontier!Master*


Happy Endings

*I've given you a link to Who wiki, but I thought I'd pull this out: The Master (apparently intended to be physically based on Basil Rathbone) wore a Vandyke beard, a dark Italian-designed suit, a silk shirt, and a cravat with a silver bird-of-prey tiepin. (awesome, huh? I also like how two out of three paragraphs end with the Master fleeing, and the third one does a well, just not in those exact words. Loser.)
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I was watching an old episode of The Saint on DVD last night, when I suddenly spotted Roger Delgado in the role of a Peruvian police captain. Of course my first reaction was, "WTF is the Master doing impersonating a senior member of the Peruvian constabulary?" and then my imagination let rip.

(I came to the conclusion that the Delgado!Master was in Peru trying to summon ancient Incan gods - who were in fact aliens from another dimension - just in time for an international UNIT conference being held in Lima. Much more entertaining than the show I was watching, actually!)


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