Oct. 5th, 2012

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I have been working my way through The Lost Stories this week (because I can never have too much Peri/Six times)and I was delighted to find a Master story in disguise, 1.4 The Hollows of Time.

As you might know, The Lost Stories is a Big Finish attempt to do audios of the stories that were never made for TV starting with the lost season of the Sixth Doctor's run.

One script had been planed for Anthony Ainley's Master but when they went to rewrite the script for audio they couldn't get the rights to use the Master in any form. But here's the cool part, instead of changing it and making it not the Master they just made it really oblique. During the story the Doctor and Peri had something happen to their memory so the story is told through the framework of them recalling it post-adventure in the TARDIS and the Doctor can never quite remember something about the bad guy, saying that he seems familiar but he can't put his finger on why. The mystery never gets cleared up and he never remembers, but that way it's a completely open for Mr. Stream (lol) to have been the Master in disguise without having to get for the rights for it.

There's not a whole lot of really intense interaction between them, But it is really nice to get a taste of what would've been another Master story, and a pretty good one at that.

If you're interested at all the rest of The Lost Stories are a little hit and miss but on the whole pretty good so far, 1.3 Leviathan especially was impressive. And the team has done a lot to keep it feeling in the era that they were written for, down to using synth heavy incidental music. I think they're really enjoyable for the most part and a nice way of giving the Sixth Doctor his long overdue justice for his original run on the screen.


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