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I was thirty seconds away from posting, and LJ ate it. *sniffles* No recs should be without Shalka!

Title: Negotiation
Pairing: Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master
Length: About 9,000
Summary: The Doctor, the Master, Alison, and a miserable muddy war.
Rating/warnings: PG-13 for light swearing, kissing (lol, what a warning), character injury, and wartime situations
Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] neveralarch

Why this must be read:
Well, Shalka. Alison's POV lends itself wonderfully to snark. The Doctor and the Master fail at concealing the fact they're top over toe for each other. Alison gets things done while Time Lords make goof eyes. Simply brilliant. However, as satisfying as the plot and characters are, the real highlight of this story is the narration itself. It begs to be read aloud with all possible snarkiness. And, while I'm not one to throw around the phrase 'sexual tension' often... well! There's this beautiful exchange between the Doctor and the Master near the end - you'll know it when you see it - that I'd love to use for the excerpt, but I shan't because it's that much better with the weight of the story behind it. Now you're curious, hm?

"You shouldn't force two shutdowns so close together," said the Doctor. "I think you're fine, but you might have damaged your processors."

"Everything seems in order," said the Master, with a frown.

"Good," said the Doctor, leaning down and pulling him to his feet. "Now, pay attention. I know you're worried about me, and I promise I won't do anything idiotic, alright?"

"You're always doing something idiotic," started the Master, but the Doctor interrupted him by pressing his thumb to the Master's lips.

The Master glanced immediately at Alison, and the Doctor sighed.

"Oh, for heaven's sake. Alison, cover your eyes."

Link to the story: Here

One rec left before you're free of me!


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