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I recently read the Doctor Who novel "The Quantum Archangel" by Craig Hinton and I wanted to write a quick little rec for it. I'm a big fan of the Third Doctor and Jo story "The Time Monster" and was excited to see that this was a sequel to that story, only with the Sixth Doctor and Mel instead. For anyone who is a fan of "The Time Monster" this book is well worth reading. The Master and the Doctor having epic battles with Chronovores! The return of Stuart Hyde (the scientist who helped work on TOMTIT)! Lots of Doctor/Master goodness! I really liked how much time Hinton spent on developing the character of the Master, getting inside his head. There are lots of scenes from the Master's perspective and references to his past history with the Doctor. There are also some cute references back to "The Time Monster," including this passage regarding the shape of the device that the Doctor uses to detect the presence of the Master's TARDIS. Good to know we're not the only ones who noticed, lol!

'All set then?' The Doctor stood on the steps of the university holding a bizarre contraption that looked vaguely phallic. Flat, but phallic. The Doctor obviously saw Stuart's gaze.

'Oh this?' He waved the cream-and-silver device in front of him, showing off the extremely retro dials in the...lower area.'This, Professor Hyde, is what Jo called a "TARDIS sniffer-outer". It's a time sensor that can measure temporal disturbances down to six decimal places on the Bocca scale, and was clever enough to allow me to locate TOMTIT thirty years ago.'


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