Mar. 25th, 2012

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As you may be aware many of us are currently involved in a project to create a whole season's worth of Shalka audio adventures. You can help out without investing a lot of time/work by accepting an invite to a program called Dropbox and installing it on your computer.

What is dropbox?
Dropbox is a program you can use to share and distribute files without tedious uploading and downloading. We're using it for the audio files we're recording, but you can use it to share any file with any other user who has dropbox - all you need to do is invite them to your dropbox folder. It's very quick, safe and easy to use.

Why would we like you do accept the invites and install dropbox?
If you accept an invite and install dropbox (you have to complete the installation, both to get the extra space and for dropbox to really do what it's meant for, i.e. sharing files directly from folders on your desktop), both you and the person who invited you get extra dropbox space, and we need it badly at the moment because we're recording huge amounts of audio.

If you'd like to help out, please PM me with your email or leave it in comments, and I'll send you an invite and my eternal gratitude!

ETA: Thank you, [ profile] psychicninja, [ profile] szara1121, [ profile] janeturenne, [ profile] dragonofmemory, [ profile] elviaprose and anyone else who's going to volunteer :D

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