Mar. 14th, 2012

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I don't know if this has been posted, but as we don't have a comics tag, I thought I'd risk it.

While looking for pictures of Roger Delgado tonight I came across a comics blog with this lovely and very extensive entry about the Master's appearances in comics.

It's definitely worth a read, and yes, it's filled with Doctor/Master moments and a guest appearance by--wait for it!--Professor Moriarty.

Just gonna tag this with Delgado!Master and Ainley!Master as they're both mentioned, mods. Let me know, please, if I should use something else.


Mar. 14th, 2012 09:41 am
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LJ switched to members only posting and moderated posting without asking me. Fixed that now. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!
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It has, I admit, been more of a while than I'd realised. Well done everyone for producing so much stuff! Makes a drabble challenge mod feel quite tearful (in a good way).

I've divided them up into no responses and responses. No responses can also include places where people have discussed, but not made any new art or whatever. Which is fine! Discussion is good and to be encouraged, but I'm rounding up fic, art, vids, graphics, etc, here.

Fic/art responses

When and/or Moon
The Man & The Moon - Three/Delgado

Kitchen and/or Hollywood
Cracky poisoned pie plan - Three/Delgado with Jo (I am amused)
Cake - Ten/Simm, with Martha, Mickey, Jack

Roberts!Master and/or Fencing
Fencing is v sexy - Eight/Roberts
Gifs of Eric Roberts in 'By the Sword'
Gentleman's Agreement - Three/Delgado

Curse of the Fatal Death!Master and/or Evil laughter
General artings! - Atkinson!Doctor/Pryce!Master
Behind the scenes video of Curse of the Fatal Death - various characters VID

Gatiss!Master and/or Waited for You
There is no prime directive in the Whoniverse - (I assume) Warner!Doctor/Gatiss!Master
De-annoning of 'The Diver' - Warner!Doctor/Gatiss!Master (with some OC/Master)

Shalka!Master and/or Answering Machine etc
Pandorica Opens coda - Eleven/Shalka, with Amy, Rory
Realistic Shalka!Master arting - Shalka!Master ART
Techni-cat-lities - Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master, Alison

Yana and/or Science
Five and Yana love science! - Five/Yana ART

No responses
Jekyll and/or Victoriana
Chaos and/or Beginnings
Sound and/or Smell
Lightning and/or Grieve
Library and/or St Pauls
Goosnake and/or Sentenced to Death

Current prompts
Crispy and/or Eye of Harmony
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Has anyone else noticed that a lot of composers, especially Romantics/post-Romantics, use a certain four-beat rhythm? Being a singer who often does opera and oratorio, I could easily bring to mind several passages in oratorio and opera (the Verdi Requiem's Dies Irae, for example), and my Music History class has brought up several others. Tchaikovsky especially seems to love this rhythm. It's everywhere in his work, especially towards the end of Swan Lake and in the final movement of Pathetique.

And then there's Bolero. Ohh, Bolero. You know, that Ravel piece that everyone knows and probably hates? Yeah, I'm not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but it became popular because an eighties movie called, I believe, 10 (*points and coughs*) had a character who said it was a good song to have sex to and then it was played during a sex scene. (I learned this in Music History. It's a fun class.) There is a beat of four played in the snare drum for the entire. Song. This has done interesting things to my headcanon.

So I'm wondering if anyone has done anything with music with that rhythm and Doctor/Master and/or if there are any conspiracy theories regarding certain Romantic/post-Romantic composers and the Master? If not, would anyone care to use any plotbunnies that arise from this post to create some? They aren't really formed in my mind and I have no idea what kind of fic I would even write about this, but... yeah.
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Title: Cowboys & Aliens
Series:Doctor Who
Number of fanarts: 3
Rating: All ages I guess?
Pairing: Slight Eight/Master
Characters: Eight, Master. An extra dose of Three and Two
Summary: Doctor Who/Cowboys & Aliens crossover sketches. It sounded sane when I drew them. I mean, imagine Cowboys & Aliens where the Doctor and the Master are dressed up as cowboys. And they're aliens. Can't someone write me fic about this? It's a fabulous idea that needs to be made into a story.

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