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I recently read the Doctor Who novel "The Quantum Archangel" by Craig Hinton and I wanted to write a quick little rec for it. I'm a big fan of the Third Doctor and Jo story "The Time Monster" and was excited to see that this was a sequel to that story, only with the Sixth Doctor and Mel instead. For anyone who is a fan of "The Time Monster" this book is well worth reading. The Master and the Doctor having epic battles with Chronovores! The return of Stuart Hyde (the scientist who helped work on TOMTIT)! Lots of Doctor/Master goodness! I really liked how much time Hinton spent on developing the character of the Master, getting inside his head. There are lots of scenes from the Master's perspective and references to his past history with the Doctor. There are also some cute references back to "The Time Monster," including this passage regarding the shape of the device that the Doctor uses to detect the presence of the Master's TARDIS. Good to know we're not the only ones who noticed, lol!

'All set then?' The Doctor stood on the steps of the university holding a bizarre contraption that looked vaguely phallic. Flat, but phallic. The Doctor obviously saw Stuart's gaze.

'Oh this?' He waved the cream-and-silver device in front of him, showing off the extremely retro dials in the...lower area.'This, Professor Hyde, is what Jo called a "TARDIS sniffer-outer". It's a time sensor that can measure temporal disturbances down to six decimal places on the Bocca scale, and was clever enough to allow me to locate TOMTIT thirty years ago.'
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Hey comm, I know we sort of have reccing on a hiatus, but I just had to make sure all of you saw this, especially since we've had a CotFD!Master drabble challenge and a watchalong only a short while ago.  Some glorious anonymous person filled out this prompt in the anonmeme, and the response is just too PERFECT for words:

Ten/Simm!Master, while traveling together the Doctor and Master meet versions of themselves from an alternate universe- namely Lumely!Doctor and Pryce!Master. While neither is pleased by their counterparts romantic relationship (all lies), the Doctor is strangely excited by the idea of a buxom blonde female him running around out there somewhere.

Link to the response is here, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (seriously, I've read it five times now; it's that awesome).

Hail, mighty anonmeme, and all of its hidden wonders!
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Hello all! I bogarted the last reccing period using my phenomenal modly powers (actually my living space is pretty reasonable, thanks for asking). Please direct all crying/cursing the unfairness of the dark cabal that is b_e to [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets (I did just pm the mod and sign up like a pleb, but the drama will keep us young).

Within the next days I'm going to be talking about GOOD SEX (in fanfic, not like Cosmo magazine) (though a beta did once tell me some sex I'd written was 'straight out of Cosmo' (She did not mean that in a positive sense (I am not sure there IS any positive sense that could be taken in, come to think))).

It would help me out if, in the comments, you could tell me what makes sex writing work for you, in D/M fic, fic in general, and literature/art more broadly. I'll talk a bit about stories that work for me where sex is used well to advance the plot, emotionally or mechanically, and sex-writing that's generally a gut-punch of *guh*, but this is a pretty subjective question, and it might be very interesting to see how others look at it!

In the meantime, I give you a less-salacious rec of brand new, off-lj content. For full disclosure, it's somewhat related to a coming-soon Shalka (and somewhat D/M) project I show'run, which you may have seen pimped about by my cohorts. I had nothing to do with the making of this thing, however, which is pretty entirely distinct from the project as a whole. ...or is it?!?!?!? No, no it is. ... OR-- sorry, go on.

Title: Look At Your Renegade Time Lord
Pairing: Maybe Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master, atm, it seems a bit Shalka!Master/Ladies/Cybernetic Immortality
Length: 0:27
Summary: Um. Remember Old Spice Guy? The Man Your Man Could Smell Like?
Author on LJ (or Teaspoon, or Prydonian): [livejournal.com profile] vonquixote
Why this must be watched: I LAUGHED 'TILL I ABOUT CRIED. AND CHOKED ON THINGS. IDK, AIR. He sure is in a TARDIS...
Warnings: crying, choking may ensue
Link: BEHOLD!!

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My time as a reccer is almost over and I've only recced two things. Sorry, sorry, all the sorries about that! So, I'l rec something now! Maybe two or three things. 
And I'm starting off with a fun vid, since I've been feeling depressed today and this ball of fun is the complete opposite of depressing!

Title: Whoverse Hoedown
Pairing: none, though there's lots of Master
Length: 2:44
Summary: The Universe doesn't end when the Doctor dances, or does it?
Warnings: None, other than well, it's not D/M.
Author on LJ (or Teaspoon, or Prydonian): ladysoliloque2 on Youtube
Why this must be watched: )
Excerpt: )
Link to the vid: Whoverse Hoedown

Title: Doctor/Master - Jizz in My Pants
Pairing: Ten/Simm!Master
Length: 2:34
Summary: "OH LOL" is the vidder's summary.
Warnings: mentions of premature ejaculation, swearing, the song's about sex and premature ejaculation
Author on LJ (or Teaspoon, or Prydonian): lollerskatee on YouTube
Why this must be watched: )
Excerpt: )

Link to the vid: Jizz in My Pants

Title: The Master - Not One of Us
Pairing: None
Length: 2:23
Summary: The Master, set to Not One of Us from the Lion King 2.
Warnings: None
Author on LJ (or Teaspoon, or Prydonian): kolosigma1 on YouTube
Why this must be watched: )
Excerpt: )

Link to the vid: Not One of Us
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I'd like to recommend this awesome fan film that I just found. It's a live action sequel to "Terror of the Autons" starring the Fourth Doctor and an excellent author created Master. The script is really great and feels just like a canon episode. The acting is great, the special effects are great, and it's a lot of fun. Check it out!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0JIA7Mqy5Q&feature=related (Part 1 of 8)
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Sorry for taking so long with my recs! Anyway, have I ever told you guys how much I love fanvids? No? Well, guess what I'm reccing today? One of my favourite fanvids! 

Title: Doctor Who -- My Eyes (Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog) [Doctor/Master]
Pairing: Implied Ten/Simm!Master
Length: 2:48
Summary: This a Ten/Simm!Master fanvid set to My Eyes from Dr. Horrible' Sing Along Blog, solely using clips from the End of Time.
Warnings: Uh, none, really! (Slash really isn't a warning here, is it?)
Author on LJ (or Teaspoon, or Prydonian): Pandoribolical on YouTube
Why this must be watched: Well, this vid made me consider watching Dr. Horrible, where the song actually came from.
I love how it contrasts the Doctor and the Master, showing the differences in the way they view the world. 'Cause the Doctor, emo as you might think he was in that special, really does love the universe, has hope and all that wonderful stuff. And the Master, well, let's just say that he's less pleased with the universe. Getting rejected, Crispied up, goosnaked, burned, killed and all that stuff would do that to him. XD
And it's a duet! I love duets. And musical-like stuff. And the visuals and audio match up wonderfully!
Basically, I love this and I'd be very sad if I forgot to rec it.
Excerpt: )
Link to the vid: My Eyes
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So, I'm your reccer for this fortnight! And my first rec is a fic by the rather-obscure, not-often-on-LiveJournal author that got me into the pairing.
Title: Where There's Life, There's...
Pairing: Eight/Jacobi!Master
Length: 1,771 words
Summary: What Would the Master Do If… the Doctor Had Died in the Time War and the Master Had Lived?
Warnings: character death, but the fic is PG
Author on LJ (or Teaspoon, or Prydonian): [livejournal.com profile] british_demon
Why this must be read: As I have already said [livejournal.com profile] british_demon is the author that, through her fics, got me interested in Doctor/Master. Obviously, that means that her fics are brilliant and full of all the things that I adore about Doctor/Master! And obviously, this fic exemplifies all that. Like, the Master's overriding love/obsession/it's-really-fucking-complicated thing ("A cosmos without The Doctor scarcely bears thinking about.") for the Doctor. And the conflicts in their relationship... and how it can be angsty, sweet or both at the same time. Yeah...
And this fic is very beautiful! The wording's lovely and it really gets me feeling the Master's feelings!
Excerpt: )
Link to the story: When There's Life, There's...
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Well, American!thanksgiving is over which means that it's officially Christmas. Right? I'm pretty sure that's how it works. Anyway, to kick off this month plus long holiday, how about a nice Drabble arrangement? Think of it like Eddible arrangements, only with copious Doctor/Master tidbits.

(Artist's rendering)

A small collection of very tasty drabbles in a variety of flavors ) So have at it and merry drabblemess.
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I would like to recommend this. New Doctor/Master episodes! Performed with action figures! The scripts for these fan films are brilliant. All the characters are written very in character and the episodes feel completely canon. These films are great and so well done that the fact that the "actors" are made out of plastic doesn't make it feel any less real. Go watch these now! (And then go watch all of batmanmarch's other DW action figure adventures!)

Of all the films I’ve watched so far these four include the Master. Enjoy!

The Collective (3/Delgado)

Hell on Earth (5/Ainley)

The Cyber Incursion (3/Delgado)

The Beast of Stockbridge (4/Crispy)
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Title: But the battle is lost
Pairing: Thirteenth Doctor/Professor Yana
Length: 920 words
Summary: Meme prompt: Yana/thirteenth Doctor. Mortality.
Author on LJ (or Teaspoon, or Prydonian): bagheera_san
Why this must be read:
I do feel a bit like I'm cheating, Bagheera is one of those authors whose masterlist I could pretty much just link do fine in terms of a good rec. Still, that really would be cheating, so here's a favorite of mine. Bagheera gives her Yana depth that doesn't fight with what canon left us, and manages to paint a convincing, tragic but not over-tragic original Doctor. I know there are people who shrink from Original Doctor stories, and if you are one I encourage you to read through this fic. My love for well crafted short fics may also play a part. This story is exceptionally well put together and very satisfying to read and reread.
Unfettered by madness, and not cloaked in cold civility, Yana is vibrant, immediate, alive. In one hand he holds the little present the Doctor built him, an ad hoc demonstration of why he is worthy of Yana's attention. The other hand flitters almost shakily over the Doctor's body, unbuttoning cuffs and brushing away his collar, checking vitals and temperature. One moment he mutters about genius, the next the exclaims about the double beat, the alien body, the living miracles of the dying world.
Link to the story:
Here you go
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Hey there!
I'm Tu, and I look forward to throwing a variety of recs your way. I think I'll start us off with one of the best pairings of all time.

Title: Persons of Interest
Pairing: Three/Delgado!Master
Length: 755 words
Summary: The Doctor develops and confirms an interesting hunch.
Author: Tierfal
Why this must be read:
I was recently reminded of this fic's existence and was delighted to read it again. The spot on characterization is enhanced by a satisfying attention to detail and the humor of UNIT era is present and accounted for. I love this pairing, and Tierfal's fic does a good job of capturing why.
The Master blinked once, then set down his latest creation, freeing his fingers to tug briskly at his sleeves. His eyes darted briefly to the Doctor’s ruffled ones, almost as if he might like to take the Doctor’s wrists and adjust his fellow Time Lord’s sleeves with equal care.
Link to the story:
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Title: The Collective
Video by: batmanmarch
Length: Approximately 45 minutes
Summary: After leaving Jo the Doctor confines himself to his laboratory and sets to work on building a new car. But when a meteorite comes crashing to earth with devastating effects the Doctor and UNIT go into investigate. Upon their arrival they discover that the meteorite has been taken by none other than the Doctor's arch enemy, the Master! With the meteorite in his possession the Master plans to use its devastating power to start a nuclear war between Russia and the USA. The Doctor and the Brigadier must do all they can to find the Master and stop the Collective from causing a war that will ultimately destroy the planet. But what if the Collective has plans of its own...
Rating: G
Why this must be watched: A new Pertwee/Delgado episode! Performed with action figures! The script for this fan film is brilliant. It perfectly captures the 3rd Doctor era, all the characters are written very in character, the plot is exactly like a 3/Delgado episode, and the whole thing feels completely canon. Seriously, this could be actual canon that took place between "Frontier in Space" and "The Deadly Assassin" and bridges the gap between those two episodes. This is a brilliant fan film and so well done that the fact that the "actors" are made out of plastic doesn't make it feel any less real. Go watch this now! (And then go watch all of batmanmarch's other DW action figure adventures!)
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TkXETX6COU (part 1 of 5)
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Well, we started with cheetahs, and it's only fitting we should end with them.

Title: Mating Habits
Pairing: Cheetah!Five/Cheetah!Ainley!Master
Length: 4,671
Summary: Survival as a Five serial. The Doctor ends up infected with cheetah virus and stranded with the Master.
Rating/warnings: Um... R? For Cheetah!lovings.
Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] tardiscrash

Why this must be read:
Cheetah!Doctor is a good reason, don't you agree? I admit, I've got a soft spot for this story in all its fluffiness. There's something incredibly satisfying in the visceral romance of Cheetah-them; the Master has something to say on that in the end of the story, so I'll let him do the talking. Honestly, now, Cheetah-them. What more could you ask for? (Except time kittens.)

This other creature, the Master’s mate, the Doctor, the only thing in the Master’s kingdom that could be his equal, was the focus of the Master’s life, and nothing brought him more joy than caring for his mate and seeing that he was as content as the Master. This seemed to the Master like something that had always been, a basic truth of nature. The sun rose and the night fell and he was bound eternally to the Doctor.

Link to the story: Here

Thus, dear readers, we reach the end of my recs. My Reign of Terror is over... I hope it's been as fun for you as it has for me! Thanks for reading!
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I was thirty seconds away from posting, and LJ ate it. *sniffles* No recs should be without Shalka!

Title: Negotiation
Pairing: Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master
Length: About 9,000
Summary: The Doctor, the Master, Alison, and a miserable muddy war.
Rating/warnings: PG-13 for light swearing, kissing (lol, what a warning), character injury, and wartime situations
Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] neveralarch

Why this must be read:
Well, Shalka. Alison's POV lends itself wonderfully to snark. The Doctor and the Master fail at concealing the fact they're top over toe for each other. Alison gets things done while Time Lords make goof eyes. Simply brilliant. However, as satisfying as the plot and characters are, the real highlight of this story is the narration itself. It begs to be read aloud with all possible snarkiness. And, while I'm not one to throw around the phrase 'sexual tension' often... well! There's this beautiful exchange between the Doctor and the Master near the end - you'll know it when you see it - that I'd love to use for the excerpt, but I shan't because it's that much better with the weight of the story behind it. Now you're curious, hm?

"You shouldn't force two shutdowns so close together," said the Doctor. "I think you're fine, but you might have damaged your processors."

"Everything seems in order," said the Master, with a frown.

"Good," said the Doctor, leaning down and pulling him to his feet. "Now, pay attention. I know you're worried about me, and I promise I won't do anything idiotic, alright?"

"You're always doing something idiotic," started the Master, but the Doctor interrupted him by pressing his thumb to the Master's lips.

The Master glanced immediately at Alison, and the Doctor sighed.

"Oh, for heaven's sake. Alison, cover your eyes."

Link to the story: Here

One rec left before you're free of me!

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Well, my lovelies, today is my birthday. I am now old enough to know better... but not old enough to act my age. =) And the rec for today is Captain America because wow. That was perfect. Just kidding (not really), and I do bear Doctor Who recs.

First, I'm going to point you all to our Recs Master List. Don't forget in all the excitement of my reign to comb through the list in search of recs you've missed. As it is my birthday, and I want to, here's a selection of already-been-recced stories that never fail to make me smile:

after me comes the flood
A Day in the Life
Like Old Times
Le Roman de la Starren, or The Evil Ex-Boyfriend's Tale
A Very Original Sin
Wonderwall / The Masterplan

Now, onto my true purpose for this post...

Title: Alone I Cannot Conquer the Earth
Pairing: Ten/Simm!Master (The End of Time)
Song: Donkeyboy - 'Promise Kept'
Warnings: Gorgeousness and perfection.
Vidder on Youtube: unturndownable

Why this must be seen:
Just so you guys know, I've been saving this video for today ever since I signed up for recs. And fretting that somebody else would rec it first! This is my favourite fanvideo ever, and I've seen a lot. The song is especially well-suited to Doctor/Master. The editing is superb. The voiceovers, the drumming... Just perfect. I've watched this video countless times since I first found it most of a year ago, and it never falls short of breathtaking. *happy sigh*

P.S. The embedded version plays jerky for me - it's better if you watch it on Youtube.

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Title: Lucid Dying
Pairing: Ten/Simm!Master
Length: 1,638
Summary: Where do we go when we die?
Rating/warnings: PG-13 (which is far too high)
Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] doctor_caduceus

Why this must be read:
Fluffy death fic. There you have it! Really, though, this is beautiful. The imagery plays out like a half-waking dream. Five minutes sitting here and I have no good way of putting what I want to say. Lovely. Read!

Framed in red grass was his favorite of any face he'd seen, the pointy one with hazelnut eyes and dark hair that stuck up in every direction like the grass he lay in. It was not the face he'd played hide and seek with as a boy, and from the lack of any thick black locks flopping into his own eyes, he was fairly certain that his own face wasn't the same either. The only sounds, besides their voices, were the wind, the rustle of the grass, and the occasional mutter of distant thunder.

Link to the story: Here

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Yes, yes, I realise they are HUGE, but they need to go together. And in this order.

The particulars... )

Link to the story: This page (tagged 'samverse') links to all parts of both stories, from the bottom up.

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I slept until two in the afternoon and feel blurgh. So, sorry about the relative lateness, to those of you who will see double recs today.

Title: Drink Your Milkshake
Pairing: Three/Delgado!Master
Length: Around 1,700
Summary: In which being mortal enemies now doesn't necessarily mean you can't call it off for holidays.
Rating/warnings: G for FLUFFY FLUFFY ANGST.
Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] x_los (at [livejournal.com profile] x_losfic)

Why this must be read:
Three and Delgado!Master dating. Yup. The levels of romantic cuteness in this one are off the scale. Now, normally, I don't like it when a fic that starts out so achingly sweet suddenly goes sad on me, but this one is worth it. (And I choose to believe there's a happier ending later - it's possible, isn't it?)

The Doctor carefully stood on the bow of the raft and threw up a vast handful of the dust. It flew out to coat the roof of the cave, self-propelled upwards like whirlybird seeds. The dust spun as it drifted down with aching slowness, just as it was designed to, giving the impression of stars illuminating the cave's vast, breathtaking interior. Grinning, the Doctor turned back to observe the Master's duly appreciative reaction. He was more than a little impressed with the Master at the moment.

Link to the story: Here

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Title: Possession by Inches
Pairing: Five/Ainley!Master
Length: About 1,300
Summary: The Master enjoys being bitten, scratched, bruised, and otherwise marked. The Doctor is rather surprised to find this completely relevant to his interests.
Rating/warnings: Adult; consensual light S&M
Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] tardiscrash

Why this must be read:
I really can't. This is so sweet. And did I mention hot? I want to say all sorts of nice things about it but I flail a lot. This must be read.

The Master is mewling, helpless and revelling in it. He feels owned and claimed and wanted and needed and it is every bit as good as he imagined these feelings could be. The Doctor pulls back breathlessly, looking as his work with a pleased hum. This will last until the next time, he is sure of it.

Link to the story: Here

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Happy birthday, Derek Jacobi - but this is Six day, so you'll just have to share. (Pretend today's recs are switched with yesterday's, how's that?)

Multiple Six recs today, which, unfortunately, is all the Six I will be reccing. =( I like Six. I was just watching him today. I will not complain if somebody writes Six/Jacobi!Master for the birthday challenge...

Two fics by neveralarch, and a bonus video for the lulz... )

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. *sporfle*


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